I am without god.
I know people much worse than me,
who'll find their way to those Pearly gates.
But I'll just disappear.
For I am but Flesh and Blood and Bone;
While they are the same.
Why would I not deserve entry?
Why would I deserve entry?

"I'll believe because if I don't,
and I'm wrong, then i'll burn."

and they think that that'll fool him?
I could do the same,
but I don't want to insult him.
I've yet to find the proof that
they sometimes say they've seen.

It'll take some convincing.
But would he accept the cover note,
that I had no way of knowing, when i get there?
I'm scared. I'm confused.

He said love him.
and he said he is everything,
and i care about each and all things.
Because It's not Aetheist. It's Atheist.

I am without god.