[lose youth]

O for the days when angels wings

In translucent veils dipped from sky

To shade my face from fear and tell my secrets

To the sand…

Buried in bottles,

A thousand childhood penance stones

Gold mines for beggars

The fairy child with bags for wings

Slips into the folds of the five fingered wind,


We swore once

Along the side of the spray

We'd be as Pan

And never grow up

Except our wish backfired

And we grew to be as gods

You the pillar of pleasure, hedonistic heaven

I the rogue Maenad minx

The trick of the forest

Let your mind caress my music as

Your flesh does not my own…

You can't possess an Echo

So you ripped me up in pieces

Threw me back to my mother

Where I lurk now in her caverns

Throwing back the melody of pipes

And songs of lovers…

Our age has passed

Along with second stars

Neverland is now commercialized

Our world is tainted, twisted—

Twisted back to the beginning

Where you the god of shepherds

Are again a forever-child

And I the nimble nubile nymph

Shall never again be touched

Scraps of me sown in the hollows and holes

I voice only their thoughts

For we have lost our own

We the ever-immortals, dead to the world

Neither mortal nor alive

You flit through film with fairies

And I crouch in caverns crowded with

The ghosts of Greek mythology

Alone as only echoes may be


Do you hear me?

Do you hear me?

Hear me?

hear me

hear me