Speak Out

What happened to different is beautiful? Kids want to act like eachother No words are spoken, hard to detect Before you know it you're smothered

Trapped in their perfect little jeans With their X-boxes and CD burners Too cool for school, they'd rather do drugs They'd rather be stoners than learners

Girls with half-starved bodies Ten-year-olds saying they're flat Makeup and diet pills flying of shelves As they complain they're pudgy and fat

It's scary to see a twelve-year-old boy Blowing up millions on his computer gane Telling me his parents bought him a new BB gun Showing it off with no name

People getting pregnant, kids dying of DO Booze numbing their problems away Sex and substance feel good for a while But the real issue will stay

Show your true colors, don't deny who you are Because once you have sense of self You'll see the truth of where happiness lies And exactly what's true wealth