Chapter One

Whoever said life had a few bumps in the road was completely wrong. There was nothing in my life that ever seemed to go well without it being wrecked a few weeks later. Each day as I look at myself, I realize how much farther and farther I had gone from my original intentions. It was said that life would always be perfect once you reach the end of the road, but from here that is also not true. Life is a cruel world, full of lies and deceit, and with each day I am exposed even more and more to society. Now, at the age of twenty-three, a new chapter in my life has begun. Hopefully, this chapter will have a happy ending.

I stood in front of a mirror, inside of a bathroom of a dingy bar, fixing my complexion to please those of the opposite sex. My silky strands of auburn hair fell to my chest, which brought out my light hazel shaded eyes. My skin was fair and lightly toned and I thought I was a pretty girl. I possessed a tall and curvaceous figure and guys seemed to like me, so I don't think I am bad looking. Sex is only a tool. Why not harness that tool and use it towards your advantage?

That was exactly what I did. That was why I went to this bar every night. I would sit at the bar and scan around the room. Look around for someone that would want a woman to be on his arm. Lure him under my own little spell, as if I was a siren. Some may say I am a slut, but I am far from that. I do not flaunt sex, which is the difference, and there is actually no interaction. How could that possibly be done one may ask? Well, watch and learn.

I left the dingy bathroom to return to the bar scene. Always it was full of chaos as it was the place where someone may think that his or her life did not truly suck. Too bad that everyone has a false façade though. It was young and hip. Music blared which evaporated my eardrums and lights beamed around the room as if they wanted to blind you. People danced to the music, brushing their body against each other, trying not to think about the disappointments of life.

"Sarah," A voice broke my train of thought, which I quickly recognized was Adam's, as I leaned against the bar eyeing people. I turned around to see that it was the bartender who I talked too almost every night. Adam was around my age, most likely a few years older, and we have the history of flirting with each other. It would never go beyond flirting though because there is something about him that seems so strange. He looked like one of those typical blondes, blonde hair that was cut short and spiked, and matching cerulean blue eyes. He had boyish good looks and charm, which was probably the only reason why I stood him every day, "Here again for another job?" Also my partner in crime.

"Look, bud, student loans are a bitch and my writing career isn't making my wallet any more beefed up. It's only temporary." I responded. Every night we would have that conversation and it would end up with relatively the same result. "Well, unless you want to give me some money."

"Heh. There's a guy over there that is stupid enough to wear a business suit." Adam pointed out. He extended out his arm and pointed towards a guy that was wandering aimlessly in the bar, looking moderately depressed, and wearing a business suit that is worth way more than he was. I only smiled in response as I nodded to him and went over to the guy.

All I would have to do is get him to give me a lift to his place. Once there I would be able to work my magic and the guy would be passed out while I rob him of all the bills that he possessed.

Once he invited me over to his house the rest was very simple. A thing about me, which is quite obvious, is that, I over think. I over think every single scenario and try to see it from different perspectives due to my paranoid nature. Because I'm insomniac, I had the ability to stress about things all night long. My doctor tried to prescribe sleeping pills, which do not work, so I let them pile up. But now I had put a use to them, when over at the house I just slip some of the pills into a drink, give it to him, and let him pass out on his bed or whatever.

Once he passed out on his bed, I would quietly slip over to his wallet and take some money. He basically believed I was a hooker selling myself so at least I should do is pay myself. He believed that we had some interaction, but he would be too drunk to tell the different between a mere touch to making out. It was a perfectly flawless plan. They would never know my name so I couldn't be reported and if they did, I could say they gave into prostitution.

But anyway, there was a reason I'd do this. For my entire life I wanted to become a writer and that does nothing until it gets published, so I am in the midst of my novel. I was only doing these daily jobs to live a normal life until my book is recognized. I grinned as I stared at the guy passed out in his bed, with his shirt almost unbuttoned and a mischievous grin spread across his face. I only looked at him as my eyes narrowed over to his coat. To my advantage, his wallet was being encased in one of those pockets. Two hundred dollars in cash. What a lucky night.

After the job was complete I would return to my apartment. Always I would sit in front of my computer and actually work on the novel, but recently a case of writer's block hit me.

What I was trying to complete is called "Through the Words of Gossip" Which is a tale, describing my life when only seventeen, where the daily drama of high school actually leads to way much more. A chronicle that describes life as a teen and does not have anything to cover up the harsh realities. This was the time where I had realized the kind of person I was, the potential I had, and how the rest of society worked. I was only a small town girl where gossip could bring you up or tear you down, hence the title.

(Author's Note: Woo the first chapter of my little sequel. I hope you enjoy it as I hope this showed you guys that this one will be very different from the first, but will still hold the same elements. Don't worry, another old character will return. Hopefully no one will hate this fiction for it's darker and more mature themes as she is now an adult and the daily drama of high school would only seem trivial. I would also like to note that this fiction has a completely different plot from the first and probably won't relate to the first one that much except for a few scenes. If you don't remember what happens in the first or even read it, most likely, it won't matter. Tell me what you think. Thanks for reading.)