"Watch your language." I warned him. He smiled and pushed me back, so
I fell on the sofa.

"Come on," Edan said, getting down on his knees, "I'll do anything." Suddenly, memories of when Adonis made me promise I would sleep with him, flooded my mind. The promise that made it so I had to go back in time. I hid the feelings I was feeling at that moment, so Edan wouldn't ask what was wrong.

"Fine, you have to clean and do chores." I said, extending my hand. Edan looked at me as if to say, your joking that's it.

"Deal." Edan said, smiling as he shook my hand. When Edan first came to my house, before I had Juniata cast the spell, I told Edan he couldn't stay. I guess that is where I messed up.

"Now, go clean my kitchen." I said, as I grabbed the novel off the coffee table. I was reading Lydia Bailey, a classic that was written after I became a vampire. Edan rolled his eyes and reluctantly did as I said. He knew that if he didn't he'd end up in jail.

"Fine." Edan said, he turned and walked through the swinging doors leading to the kitchen. A few seconds later, I saw him through the breakfast bar. He was smiling, as he started the dishes. I rolled my eyes, and became absorbed in my book.

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