She walked

She walked. Kate, a girl in her late teens, walked the empty dessert. She wondered how she got there. The last thing she remembered was being in a futile car wreck and then black.

She looked around her surroundings. There was nothing behind her, just the endless waves of sands. In front of her was a rather large hill. She thought maybe if she climbed it she could see if there was a friendlier place.

So she started to head to the hill.

It took her much longer then she expected, but what did she expect. When she made it to the foot of the hill she found that she was exhausted. She didn't want to give up now. So she trudged up the hill. The hill was taller than she thought it would be. it was like it grew a bit taller with each step she took.

After awhile of struggling she finally mad it to the top. She smiled at herself for making it, but then she got a good look at what was at the other side. Nothing but seas of sand. She didn't believe it. She stood there with out moving nor blinking. Maybe she was dreaming or maybe she was dead. If she was dead did she really deserve this?

She didn't care at the moment. Her mind was clouded with despair. She started to cry, and fell to her knees. What an awful fate to die in a desert. Where no one would find her. she laid on her back now still crying. Her face was stained with tears and dirt.

After awhile she stopped crying. She rolled over. By doing that she had upset the sand. The sand under began to tumble down the hill send her with it. Rolling to her fate then hitting the bottom. She screamed with rage and pain.

She got up clumsily. Checking herself for any scratches. None to her relief.

She left. Not expecting to get any where, but it was better than waiting in vain for death to call her name.

She didn't want to end her life like that. She walked past the many waves of sand.

After walking for quit some time she began to think it was better to have die back there, but she pushed those thoughts to the back of her mind.

She decided to take a rest. Siting down, she tried to gain some breath. That's when the ground began to rumble. She tried to get of the pile of sand she was on, but to no avail. She sunk into the ground. Completely incased in sand, she tried to dig her way out. She knew she wasn't going to make it, so she closed her eyes.

Her lungs began to burn. She took a deep breath, but sand did not feel her lungs. It was sweet oxygen.

She had not expected that. Opening her eyes she realized she was in white hospital room.

The doctors in the room looked relived to see she was awake, and began to ask her questions like if she remembered what happened to her. she simply nodded at the questions. She later found out that she had a broken arm and ribs along with a few other things. They told her she was lucky to survive such a crash.

Friends soon filled her room. . Kate gave them all a big hug and a warm smile to show she was ok. They all told her how happy they are to see she was ok.

After a couple of weeks of healing she was released from the hospital. She walked out of the room then out the front doors. Then she stopped, and turned around. She gazed at the hospital and thought about how happy she was to get out of the place.

She headed for home. She thought about telling some one about the desert she visited in her dreams, but she decided not to tell any one. It sounded crazy when she thought of it herself. But maybe it wasn't a dream, maybe it was her struggle to stay alive. But Kate didn't think of that to much. Trying to discover what it all meant would probably drive her crazy.