And so the battle goes
My heart tugging
My head screaming
Numerous words of wisdom
And I just standing
Swaying neither direction
Numb due to all the trauma
This daily battle has caused
Yet I can't help but wonder
What would happen if I did fall
Succumbed to one side or the other
My heart doesn't answer my question
It just continues to pound endlessly
In an attempt to tear through my chest
Like nothing more than a piece
Of used tissue paper that now
Lines the abused floor I walk upon
My head spins as I watch
The room around me drifts out of control
I stand alone now
In the deep, empty darkness
And just listen to my heart's
Steady rhythm, never losing
Nor gaining pace
It just beats to the steady rhythm
Of pure, unbridled passion
It's then that I realize
No matter how hard I fight
This battle has already been won
My heart prevails once more
I have no control here
And so my heart whispers
In a slightly all-knowing tone
"Love is all that matters,
Follow me and you will never
Never be alone."