Another Era Of Time
By:Andrew Troy Keller

It had happened in the year 1942,
When I had reported for work on January 2
As a janitor at UCLA and Dr. Jonathan Edge had
Asked me to join him inside the laboratory pad,
Because he said that he might have some work for to do.

But as soon as I've entered the room,it had became a day of dread,
For he had slugged me over the head
And caused me to fall down to the floor and go right to sleep.
Just then,after I've came to,I've found myself attached to something that gave me the creeps--
A cryogenic machine with me as its test subject,for they were electrodes on my head.

And then,just before I was about to stop him from committing his crime,
He had thrown the switch and I've found myself frozen in time.
I've been in that frozen state for 62 years.
Then finally,in the year 2004,I've woken up and saw that my vision was clear
Enough to see that I've suddenly been thrown into another era of time.

And after I've also noticed that I was in a room full of people,
I've figured that at first,I was in a place known as Hell and Satan was looking through the peephole.
But that was before I've met a real beauty named
Tia Carrere and in my opinion,she's the most beautiful dame
That I've ever met--even in a room full of people.

Happy Birthday,Tia.