The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere and co.
Mr. Longfellow, I tell you
He had it all wrong
Now hear this chant of accuracy
Listen to my song
Revere didn't ride
A predominant noble trot
Though not the leader of the ride
On the books of history was plot
A name, the figure
But an untrue tale
I'll blow rumor away
Like a nor'easter gale
That night, Paul alerted
The minute man march
The lantern of light
Paul's mouth did parch
One if by land
Two if by see
And on the opposite shore
He did be
Alrighty, Henry
You've got that far
Now I'll add the rest
Go beyond the par
The two lanterns shown
A signal to ride
To flee, to alert
To save U.S. hide
He dashed off,
Lexington destination
He hollered out to the countryside
Mid exasperation
Paul you see
Wouldn't let a house pass
Without letting them know
Of the approaching redcoat class
Next the forgotten second
Will Dawes at the lead
Stood by Revere
And took heed

He went with Paul
Across the lanes of unaware
But not for long
Would these two be a pair
Sam Prescott came third
A powerful three
They let everyone know
Of impending danger you see
Soon after they were arrested
Caught up in the act
But the bond of task
Held intact
Immediately, Sam
He got away
To continue his loud
Alerting melee
Good old Will escaped next
And continued on steed
Now two got a way,
What of Paul from the lead?
Revere couldn't part
He couldn't escape
So it was up to the twosome
Across the colony landscape
Now 2 AM
And closer they get
Not fallacy
They make it just yet
Now the British
Have just crossed the bay
But the mission success
Dawes makes it I say
I'm sorry, old Henry
I proved your poem wrong
Paul didn't make it that night
An incorrect song
So now you know
The accurate tale
Dawes made it first
Across the famous trail