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Speaking of Pillows * By Seph Lorraine

- - - - -


"I wonder what happened to him."


"Ya know, that guy?"

"No. I don't know that guy. Who's that guy? What's a -guy-? I've never even--"

"The one who sits beside me in Computers." The blond girl set her tray down on the lunch table by the brunett, sniffing in open disgust at the wrinkled brown paper bag lunch that her friend always brought.

"I don't know who sits behind you in Computers." The brunett opened her bag and pulled out a mozerella-cheese on whole-weat sandwich, a green apple, a small ziploc bag of pretzels, and a Dr. Pepper.

"Yes, you do!"

"Um... Wakey, wakey? I think I would know if I had a even a remote idea of who you're talking about. Know what I mean, green bean?"

"Ugh! Yes, you do know him! The guy with the black hair!"


"Ya know?"

"Oh, yes. Of course. Because black hair is such an uncommon thing." The brunett rolled her eyes.

"Well... Why don't you know who I'm talking about!?"

"I just don't know, Nora. I just don't know." Sarcasm.

"I wish you'd stop that."

"I know." The brunett picked up the apple, setting it in the centre of the table, and twisted open her Dr. Pepper bottle.

The blond withheld a growl from leaving her throat, "Oh come on! You know who I'm talking about. He has black hair and he always wears that stupid Yu Yu Hakusho hoodie!"

"Hey! Yu Yu Hakusho is a lot more intelligent than -some- people I know." A pointed glare was directed at the blond, Nora.

"Don't even get me started, Katie."

"Don't call me 'Katie', dammit!" The brunette, Kate, threw a well-aimed pretzel at her friend.

"Well, you know who I'm talking about, right?"

"The guy who sits beside you in computers with the black hair who always wears the Yu Yu Hakusho hoodie?"

"Yes! Him! You -do- know him!"

"No. That's just what you said to describe him. I still have no idea who you're talking about."

"Why do I bother talking to you?"

"Good question. Ask yourself."

"...This conversation is over."

"Are you angry?"

"You never take me seriously!"

There was another well-practised glare directed at the blond, before the brunett finally just shrugged, reaching around in her the pockets of her red sweater, searching for something, "Here's your eraser." She set the grey piece of rubber on the edge of the other girl's lunch tray.

Green eyes went wide, "That's where my eraser went! You stole it! You evil little thief!"

"I didn't steal it. I just gave it back to you didn't I? I just borrowed it for that stupid math test." Kate growled and began the pound her sandwich flat upon the table top.

"Well, next time let me know before you go digging through my backpack to take stuff that doesn't belong to you." The eraser was tucked away safely in the blond's jean pocket, "So where's Faye?"

"Sucking up to her stupid AV teacher? I don't know."

"Where's Arj?"

"Burning in the smouldering pits of Hell, hopefully."

"What did he do this time?"

"He was eating M&M's behind me all during Maths. I had to smell his gross breath as he sat behind me just chewing and... breathing! Ech! It was gross! I'll never eat M&M's again." Kate, finally finished pounding her sandwich into full 'flatness', unwrapped her lunch and began to eat.

"...I don't get it. What was so gross about that?"

The brunett swallowed and glared at the blond as if her head was on fire, "I could smell it! It was disgusting!"

"But you like M&M's!"

"Not when -he's- eating them."

Nora poked at her pizza, shaking her head, "That's retarded."


A girl with dark brown hair set down a bag of dorritos beside Kate and swiped the apple from the centre of the table, "Mr. Adams is letting me work on sound editing for the morning announcements. Isn't that cool? I get to choose the songs we play for the intro and the outro!"

Kate rolled her eyes, twisting her finger in the air, "Woo hoo."

"Hey, Faye! If you find a way, use 'Hermaphrodite' by Stephen Lynch at least once!" Nora smirked, and continued peeling the pepperoni from her pizza to toss into the trash can behind her.

"I can't do that! I'd get in trouble." Faye frowned and whimpered at the glares she received from her other two table mates. "Anyway, when do you think we can actually sit at a table with chairs?"

"Never." The brunett groaned, chewing boredly on her sandwich.

Second lunch was always the most crowded lunch period at the school. All of the cafeteria tables (with chairs, that is) were filled, some of them with two-or-three people in just one seat (and many detention slips divided between them); the benches outside were also packed. Nora, Kate, and Faye seemed to always gravitate towards one of the abandoned four taller tables at the edge of the cafeteria next to the courtyard doors. The table was one of the only four the cafeteria had that was actually more than 3 feet high. Basically, the reason there were no chairs, is that the school had none tall enough for these particular tables.

They were like the freaks of all the other normal 2 feet tall tables in the cafeteria. Poor tables. Reserved for anyone who was willing to stand for the whole 30 minute lunch period.

"So, what was I gonna' tell you again... Oh yea!" Nora snapped her fingers, "About that guy that sits next to me in computers! You know the guy I'm talking about right, Katie?"

Kate groaned and rolled her eyes, "No, dammit! I already told you! I have no idea who you're talking about."

"Are you talking about the hoodie-guy?" Faye looked up from her apple. "The guy who climbed on top of the gym last year?"

"Yea, him!" The blond squealed and turned back to the brunett, "You know him?"

"No. No, I do not." Another pointed glare was directed at the blond, "When are you going to stop asking me that?"

"When you say that you know him."

Kate rolled her eyes, "Fine. I know him."

The blond looked surprised, "You do? I thought you said you didn't!"

"Well, what do you know? Suddenly, by my miraculous will to get you off my case, I now know him."

Nora sighed, dismissing her friend, "Anyway, I heard something really bad happened to him. Something with a motorcycle or whatever."

"Hm. Wonder what that could be." Kate muttered sarcastically, throwing away her sandwich wrapper, now full of leftover crusts. She pulled her bag of pretzels towards her and began pounding them all into pretzel-powder.

"I heard he was in a wreck with his elder brother, and he's in critical condition at the hospital!" Faye spoke up, brushing some dark hair out of eyes. "Mr. Adams was talking about it with Ms. Dobson just before I left for lunch. He was in my AV class, though he always skipped it, so I never really talked to him or anything."

"Yea, we never really talked either." The blond nodded, picking at her food.

Kate halted all motion and lifted her gaze to her two table-mates, "If neither of you knew him, or talked to him, then why the hell do you care what happened to him?"

Nora sighed as if it were the most obvious thing in the world, "Because it's just weird! I may never have talked to him or anything, but I was sorry to hear that some big tradgedy had happened to him-- even though Ms. Wichet in Computers wouldn't tell us -what- tradgedy had befallen him."

"Yea, and it's nice to care about others. They'll respect you better." Faye agreed.

The brunett snorted, "Yes, he's probably respecting you both from the depths of his critical state right now. The guy's probably bleeding from the head and screaming, 'Gods, what respectful people I have in my classes to discuss my unacknowledged condition at lunch and never talk to me when I actually bother to come to class!' I can just see the tears of honour rolling down his cut and bleeding face."

"Oh come off it, Kate!" The blond snapped, "That's kind of harsh! The guy might be dying and your making stupid jokes about him!"

"I don't even know who he is. He surely doesn't know me. I don't see how it matters what I say or not. Like you said, the guy could be dying right now, he'll never even know I said anything." The brunett shoved the remains of her lunch in the already crumpled bag and wadded the bag up to throw in the trash.

"It dosen't matter! You should respect the dead!" Faye said, suddenly, her brown eyes sad.

"Seriously!" Nora muttered in agreement.

"Wait a minute. When did the guy die? I thought it was established that he was just in critical condition? No one has said he died yet." The brunett glared.

"Well, he may or not be dead yet, but you should still have respect!" The blond spoke in a harsh tone.

"Yes. Of course I'm going to respect some stupid kid who climbs a stupid roof to get attention and goes to get himself stupidly killed on a stupid motorcycle. That's a perfectly respectable thing to do, I'm sure!" Kate groaned.

The bell chimed.

- - - - -

It was a long, boring day for all of them. As the last bell of the day rang at 1400, thousands of feet stormed from the school, all in a ferenzy to get home. Some of the German students were always the last ones to leave the building, though.

"Hast du einen Kuli?"

"Um... Is that a pencil?"

"A pen."

"Oh! Nein, aber ich habe einen Spanier."


There was some rather badly restrained laughter from the darkskinned girl.

Kate glared, "You don't have a pen, but you have a Spaniard."

The other girl was sent into peals of laughter which stopped abruptly as she found that her German partner had left, "No sense of humor, that one."

- - - - -

"I have been waiting for you for ten minutes!" Nora all but screamed.

"Sorry, sorry. I didn't know you were on such a tight schedule." The brunett opened the passenger door, shoved her bag in the floorboard, and stepped into the coffee-reeking pontiac.

"I'm not! It's just that it takes you so long, it does!" Keys turned in the ignition, and the car backed out...

...right into another car.

- - - - -




- - - - -

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