Again, for Cai.

Every Night

Every night I wait for you,
To hear your voice,
To tell me true.

Every night I hear you say,
"I love you, love,
In every way."

Every night I love you too,
But never do,
I trust you true.

Every night I want to know,
If you really,
Love me so.

Now, every night I lie alone,
And wonder why
You never phone.

Every night I lie awake,
Wishing I'd never,
Thought you fake.

Every night and every day,
I know for what,
You ran away.

Every night I could have said,
"I love you too,"
But never did.

NB : Should I change the first line of stanzas one through four to the past
tense? Eg, 'Every night, I waited for you'?

Please, if you review, write either *yes* (yes you should change it)
OR *no* (no, you shouldn't change it)

Oh, and one more thing! Sorry for pointing out the obvious above. ^_-