*Author's Note* I regret writing this. But I hope that your hope doesn't fade. I hope you always remember something that is worth living for. Don't give up...

Darkness Falls

Your younger years have passed

Innocents no longer in your vocabulary

Things have happened you wished hadn't

Things you don't want to talk about

And things that'll haunt you forever.

Back then it didn't seem like a big deal

But really it was just a small piece added

To the puzzle of you character

People say that you can't change the past,

But the past changes you.

Listen to them.

At first your past was just a veil,

Covering your eyes

But now it is a blindfold;

Choking your sight.

Sunrise has gone; sunset is here

The hours of daylight are slipping

From your fingers.

Darkness falls.

Darkness of fear,

Darkness of hate,

Darkness of extreme pain...

Never ending...

It is tunnel that twists and turns,

But never breaks.

The only way to get through there,

Is to crawl,

Slow and steady,

Feeling your way

Your hands feel the cold bodies

Of suicidals,

Who never thought they'd reach the end.

Your hope dies.

You live a nightmare,

Over and over again.

All hope is gone.

The light fades.

There is nothing left for you now.

Your hands search,

Finding the cold, hard, treasure.

Groping the handle,

You put it against your head...

And pull the trigger.