It's Me, Plain and Simple

This is my way,

This is what I do.

As sure as the coming of May,

Or the summer warmth of June.

I see the wall

I know you would

Build, to prevent my call.

I will overcome this obstacle

You have put forth.

'Cause this is my way,

Plain and Simple.

I will not let you stop me

I must accomplish my goal.

You have provided the false key,

Digging me a deeper hole.

I will climb out

'Cause this is my life.

I will tell you what its all about

'Cause its a part of my strife.

I am strong in heart, will, and mind

Its me, plain and simple.

'Cause life hasn't been a straight line

That is the reason that I am the way

I am.

My heart will not be torn

I will not run.

'Cause I was born

To stick to my guns.

You can bet,

That I will win.

No net

Has held.

I'm a star player

I'll rock you to the ground.

I'm a slayer

I'll bury you in a mound.

This is my way

This is what I do

Its me, plain and simple.