When Will They Come Home?

Trying to block my sister's phone conversation,
I sink into the big squashy armchair.
Wrapped snuggly in a rosy pink fleece blanket,
Warmth and cinnamon assailed the air.
The TV glowing with A Christmas Story,
Mingled happily with the winking and blinking Noel tree, While the flickering candlelight danced a frantic ballet along the wall.

The cracking of gum and a squeal of delight broke the serene night.
Picking up my sippy cup, and holding it tight, I took a sip.
With a burst of laughter and flick of her hair,
My sister brushes off the confining blanket that is over her legs.
Disappearing into the kitchen, she returns a moment later, with phone
attached to her ear.
I silently begin to wonder when my parents were coming home.
I hope to God it's soon.


This is my first poem that I've published. I'm sorry if the format is all wrong, I'm not very good with poetry, but I hope to get better with time! I hope you enjoy this tiny piece of my child hood!

Let me know what you think!