The night's sky was filled with stars. Daniel Matthews drove through the open valley, his girlfriend sitting right beside him in his father's '59 convertible camaro.

"Emily . . . do you know how beautiful you are?" Danny asked, staring into her starlit eyes. She blushed, and scooted closer to him. His heart beat faster when he felt her gentle hand wrap around his mid-section.

"You're great, Danny." She whispered in his ear. Her breath brushed his neck, and he shivered. This was how he dreamed it would be with Emily. She was different than any other girl he'd met before. She wasn't concerned with flirtatiousness. She was real.

"Emily . . . " he whispered sheepishly.

"Yes, Daniel?" she whispered, too, not wanting to ruin the moment.

"W-will you wear my class ring?" he stuttered.

"Yes!" she replied, kissing his cheek. She slid back to her side of the seat, looking up into the starry sky.

They drove the rest of the way through the valley silently. Daniel was contemplating how he'd buy her a real ring when the time was right, but his class ring would suffice for now. He had all the time in the world. The place where her lips touched his skin crawled with electricity. His heart hadn't stopped beating quickly for a full thirty minutes, ever since they left Harris Danner's party and decided to go for a late night drive. Emily was the woman for him. He knew it from the moment she accepted his offer for a ride. She had been sitting alone on a bench in Mrs. Danner's rock garden, sipping some punch. The way she looked into hi eyes as she politely agreed made him want to kiss her right there and then, but he merely held her arm in his. All the kids at the party saw them walking out together, and there was a rumor they'd be the latest couple at Northpike High. Susan Ramone, Danny's ex-girlfriend, scowled as the couple walked to Mr. Matthews' car.

"What's she got that I don't have?" she complained.

Danny didn't know what was so special about Emily Emerson.

All he knew was he didn't want to lose her. Not for anything.