Project Number 1324

By:Andrew Troy Keller

Gillian Duchovny was one of the many top scientists working for the Mulder Corporation for the past five years and hasn't gotten herself into any trouble with the top brass over anything.

But that was until Saturday,January the 3rd,for while she was going over the Corporation's books to see where her project funding stands,Gillian had suddenly stumbled on to something that she wasn't suppossed to see in the first place,for inside one of the files was a letter from a General John Skinner,who was demanding a progress report on Project Number 1324,which was the work of one of her colleagues,Dr. Cliff Bowman,who had told everyone in a nearby bar that he had invented a super virus that the United States Military was planning to use for killing their enemies who dare to use terrorist attacks against our country.

Of course,she didn't take it seriously at first,because he was also drunk at the time.

But then,after she had read everything that was inside that file,Gillian was more than perfectly willing to take seriously now.

Then suddenly,a pair of hands had appeared from out of nowhere and held her down,while another hand had placed a cloth with chloroform in it on to her face,causing her to breathe in the fumes of the chemical,until she became unconscious.

A few hours later,after she had finally woken up from her little nap,Gillian was shocked to discover that Dr. Bowman was about to inject her with the same virus.

And while he was doing so,all poor Gillian had to do was scream out bloody murder,for her days on this very planet Earth are shortly about to end.