The pink glossy flowers were always so pretty every spring. In our yard where our cherry tree stood, the ground was covered in the lacy petals. It was such a beautiful sight, and I loved the feeling of them underneath my bare feet. I tried to reach up to touch one, but my short arms could not get to them in the branches. I jumped up as high as could, but with no more luck. Still I struggled, my chubby hands grasping for something beyond their reach.

Then suddenly, strong hands lifted me up from waist and put me on their owner's shoulders. I giggled, and saw you smiling back up at me. I looked back at my flowers that I was now able to reach. I pulled off a twig of them, handing them to you. You took them, my hand engulfed in your big one. You then let me down to the soft pinkened earth and pulled out some string and a needle. You plucked the flowers off the twig carefully as to insure the safety of each delicate petal. The string went through the needle easily and you began to string the cherry blossoms together.

I watched intently with each movement of your hand. My big eyes followed the swift actions of the needle, diving in and out of the flower cores to string them together into a neat row.

When you were done, you tied both ends of the strings together and placed them upon my head. I giggled and ran around for a little, pretending I was a princess. I had my crown of beautiful cherry blossoms. I then ran to your arms and you kissed me on the cheek.

"I love you Daddy," I whispered, and you smiled back at me.


Though we don't live where the cheery tree is, I still remember the scent of them, the silken touch and the beautiful color. I also remember Daddy, you making me crowns and bracelets of those cherry blossoms so I could pretend it was real jewelry and I was a real princess.

I love you Daddy, even if you and I don't always see eye to eye anymore. I hope I still am your princess Dad, but remember, I need to become that Queen you always wanted me to be!