If I were to die would you even care
if I died a long agonizing painful death
would you even care
Would you care if I died in my sleep dreaming about you
You're the only one who seems to care
who seems to care what happens every day to me
but now its clear that you don't
that you couldn't care any less about me

some people say death is sweet
but this death would be pain
the pain of not knowing whether or not you cared
About the things you put me through on my last days

you should stop putting me through this suffering
no one deserves this much pain
could you stop the everlasting discomfort
of your presence in my life
if only you could leave me
and let me be free from your tight grip
your tight grip that's holding me in this destiny
let me change my destiny by leaving you here
leaving you before you leave me with more pain

now I guess that I don't care
I don't care what happens to you in this life or the next
I hope you go through as much pain as I've had in my life
And all this stupid song was about
was to get you to love me again