Dress me up and paint my face
Keep me locked in a display case
Looking at me through this glass
Stick your tongue out as you pass

Take me out when you're bored
Aside from that I am ignored
Cradle me gently, whisper sweet lies
Promise you'll stay then say your goodbyes

Go ahead and toss me around
Smudge my paint and rip my gown
Break my heart I really don't care
I'm used to all this pain and despair

There's no need to lie anymore
I know I'm not the doll you adore
I've learned that I'm a useless toy
Just another thing you can destroy

Watching other dolls along your shelves
Silently screaming amongst themselves
Mourning all the others you've abused
Crying for all the hearts you've confused

Sick of playing your games of pretend
Nothing more than a heart that can't mend
I've learned that I'm just another neglected doll
And that I was never what you wanted after all.