A/N:  This is something that I wished to write after a few events that took place tonight.  Enjoy, and I warn you:  it's a little sad.  This is in the POV of the main character herself; hence why it looks like actual conversation.  Hope you like it!  ^-^ 

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It was all over.  The battle between life and death had been fought; and I had just been informed that you were safe.  I had to sigh in relief at that.  I don't know what I would have done if I had lost you.  I probably would not have had the strength to go on.  Nor have the strength to do anything for that matter.  My soul is forever bound to you, and you alone.

Tears fell from my eyes today, as I sat there worrying about you.  I knew she had hurt you, and I knew she had the power to end your eternal life.  I hated her for it; I hated her so bad.  She had done so many things to us in the past, which I was not ready for what she was doing this time.

I remember everything, sweetheart.  The news of when they told me; and then them not letting me see you when you first arrived.  They said that it would be better for me emotionally. 

I am, I confess, emotional when it comes to you; but you have to understand that I spent so many years without you.  I thought that you had rejected me when I confessed my feelings; but then learned of you never doing such a thing.  I was told that she lied and pretended to be you.

That broke my heart, knowing that I had hurt you that day I left; and that you probably thought that I was never coming back, or was I hating you for what I thought you had done.  But that was never the truth.  The truth was that I loved you, and that I always will.  For our bonded eternity.

But then when we reunited all that time ago- I was overjoyed.  The woman that held my heart for so long was finally my own.  When you kissed me, I was on cloud 9.  I mean, I knew we had been best friends for so long, but when you returned the feelings that had blossomed from my own heart; I knew that you were the one.  I knew that this meant forever.

The first night we made love.  Do you remember that?  You were so gentle and kind with me.  I had never been with someone like this before; and you understood my being nervous.  You held me so softly, and handled me like I was fragile.  A small and fragile butterfly that could easily had been destroyed with one wrong touch.

We became one as I cried.  Tears of joy, and for my eternity with you sealed.  Pools of what I so long had wanted falling from my eyes, and our love growing to yet another level, as we explored and discover every waking inch of each other.

Later, we just sat in silence.  Holding on, and snuggling, as we'd give an occasional glance- smiling our words, and watching the night roll by.  We didn't even have to talk.  Our silence said everything.  And you spoke of so many things to me with only a nod; only a smile; and only a touch of my hand.

We fell asleep- your hand laced within my own; and my body pressed up against your own- laying upon your chest, as I nestled myself in your gorgeous, locks of blue.  You were beautiful, and I was so lucky.

I thought we were unbeatable; that nothing could come between us; but of course, I soon realized that not even the strongest of love sometimes, could be tested by the return of someone we both hated.  Someone who had tried to end your life.

I spent the day crying; worrying that my love had been taken from me; and fearing that the worst would come to be.  But then they returned and spoke of your condition.  They said you were alive, but had been hurt pretty bad.

I knew I had heard your pain.  I knew that the sighs and groans of agony belonged to you when they brought you in here.  My heart ached to hear you in such pain.  I always thought of you as strong, and that nothing could put you in such a state. 

But seeing my love there, weakening- told me that my angel.  My beautiful, perfect, flawless angel- had gotten her wings clipped; and was not as flawless as I had always thought.  I wished it had been me in your place.  I never want you to face pain, never.

I want us to be happy.  I want to be the one you wake up to every morning, and the one that you kiss goodnight.  I want our eternity to be bright and beautiful, and I want every precious, sacred dream of yours to come true.

You told me once, that I was your dream, and that you were now complete because of us being a couple.  I never truly told you how I felt, Sophia; and therefore- you didn't know of what was all in my heart.  But now I'm here to tell you. 

I was never good with words, but here I am making an attempt.  A silent plea for you to awaken, and for us to again walk off into the morning light hand in hand.  I know that I wasn't always the best to you during the years of trials we faced; but you had my heart from the first time I gazed upon you; and you will always have it for eternity.

Right now I'm here with you; curled up upon the windowsill; watching you sleep.  God, I hate seeing you like this.  So listless and fragile.  But even in this state, you are still beautiful.  Even with your wounds; you are still my little star.  Still captivating me with your alluring, silvery light. 

They told me they were keeping you sedated; not wishing for you to face anymore pain.  They said that they would be in to check on you every couple of hours, and that you would not feel a thing. 

I had to laugh at that one.  Only because I knew that there was no way to block out pain; even if it was not physical.  It was impossible, and no medication could stop that fact.

A light sigh of pain brought me out from my trance, your hand lightly being placed on one of your injuries; brushing up against the smooth, tan, cloth bandage that had been wrapped around that area- one of the places where that wench had taken a blow to you; not even affecting your sleep pattern, as you only sighed, and shifted over.

I sighed.  These were going to be a long couple of days; but I swore to stand by you, and I will keep that vow.  No matter what may happen.  I swore to protect you, Sophie; and I promise- I'll never let anything happen to you again.

I should have kept a closer watch.  I should have seen this coming.  I knew you weren't your usual cheery, and bright self; and I knew something was up.  But I stayed quiet- saying that it was just an off week for you; and that you would eventually feel better and step back into that light.  But I didn't- and look what happened.

I am not saying that it was my fault for what that rat did to you; but I only wished that I could have kept a closer watch.  I'm sorry, sweetheart.  I should have known.  I should have listened to my intuition instead of shrugging it off and thinking that it was only a bad week.

I know that you may not be up to par when you awaken, my love, and I understand if you are not as strong as you usually are.  I know recovery takes time, and it's like I said, I will wait forever for you.  I'd rattle the stars, and dance upon the moon- if you said that it would bring a smile to your sweet face.

I was never good with words, Sophie, and I can't do much for expressing my thoughts.  But here, I tried, and said what I had wanted to say for so long.  I know the road ahead for you will be tough; even if only for a little while. 

But I will always be here for you to catch you if you need to fall, and be your light when all you see is darkness in your heart. I'll be your light to help guide and protect you, and your bringer of life.

I waited so long for you, and I will not let you go without a fight.  When I said I loved you, I gave you my all.  My heart is in your hands- and my spirit is entwined with your soul.

Now, don't be scared, and rest, my love.  Let the powers of light heal you, and bring the one I love back to me.  Dream all of your beautiful dreams; for you deserve them all; and be assured that you are never alone. 

Your Rayona is here, and she will always be there for you.  I promise.  ((::kiss::))

~*~For Sophia~*~

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