If you're always right,
Why do you make mistakes?
Why must you push the issue?
To the point that it breaks.

If you're so clever,
Why do you always judge?
Everyone is different,
Your view is too harsh.

If you know all,
Then you will know this,
We are all unique,
It is more than just a wish.

If adults are so correct,
In everything they do,
Then why are we at war?
Or is that the children's fault too?

If we kids are all so dim,
We don't know what goes on,
Why do you trust the world too us,
Age is one thing you can't stop.

We, the youth, know more than you think,
We let our minds run wild,
We may be mere children,
But we're more than just a 'child'.

Give us children time,
Father dearest can't you see,
We kids will rule this world,
It's us children that you need.

So father dearest give us credit,
It's the world that we shape,
We are what are needed to live on,
Or it's the world that we shall break.

By Siobhan