Till Death Do Us Apart


This story is I guess sorta boring and I would say not a good piece of writing, but read for yourself and tell me what you think.

It was a rainy Monday,i've just left my house to visit my friend Wally who lives near Kennedy station.

I was waiting for the bus, I could feel the rain penetrating through my non-rainproof jacket.

If the bus didn't come soon I would've been soaked,luckily the bus came after I was standing there for about 8 minutes.

When the bus stopped I hopped in,paid my fare and sat down at the very back,I noticed this girl beside me because of her perfume, it was very strong and I think everyone on the bus could smell it too. It wasn't that pleasant of a smell because it smelled horrible.

Finally after 4 stops, the bus finally arrived at Greenwood station. The second it stopped, I got off quickly and headed for the stairs,I carefully walked down each one looking at the gum on each step,once the stairs ended I went down the eastbound stairs and waited for the subway.

While I was waiting, I saw this man around his 50's standing on the yellow safety zone, I saw a young teenager behind him, It looked to me as if the teenager was ready to push him off,I was right,he pushed him off and then took out an automatic rifle and started to yell,"Everyone, Put your hands up, your all surrounded,there's no way out,we have locked down all subway station's and killed all security guards."

I knew action had to be taken care of,so I sneakily hid behind a woman who was carrying grocery bags, I took out my cellphone and called Wally,I told him the situation and I told him to bring me in, So I hung up and waited, after about 10 seconds the payphone rang, I courageously ran towards it, the terrorist saw me running and started to fire at me,so did all the other terrorists that saw me too started firing. I ran and ran,deaking all the bullets, I finally grabbed the payphone and I was teleported to my friends house just in time,cuz one bullet hit the listening part of the phone (top one)

I then told Wally to give me some weapons and load me back in near Eglington station.Before he loaded me in,his sister Erika said,"I'm coming with you." So Wally and Erika argued and argued and without any hope of Wally winning,Erika won the arguement and was coming with me, so she came with me and we were loaded inside Eglington station,once we were there we took out our knives and started knifing terrorists who were off-guard.

They all were dead so we took out all the stations terrorists until there was one station left, Bloor/Young, we took out are gauss rifle and headed towards the staion, we started to fire at the first terrorist we saw, we then realized it was a dummy, there was a recording that played the second we stopped shooting the dummy, the recording said," Judgement day is coming in approximently 5½ minutes, good luck in trying to escape the nuclear missle, your screwed just kill yourself now, well good day too you."

I realized there was no hope for Toronto to survive,I put down my guns and armor and told Erika how much I loved her, I told her about the first time I met her I was in love with her, she told me that she loved me too, and that she was afraid to tell me that she loved me.

While she was still talking, I interrupted and said,"You talk to much,relax and enjoy the last few minutes with me." Immedietly after that I kissed her and she stopped talking, and we kissed until the missle made impact with Toronto.

No one survived the missle,exept Wally (he was in a heavily armoured house,made by 100 rocket scientists) Wally realized it was all gone, all his family and friends in Toronto all gone. He put on a radiation suit and went out to see what was left, he saw heads and body parts all over the place, He then looked up at the sky, he saw the sky was its peaceful colour blue,he saw one cloud in the sky,as he looked at it care fully it was spreading,after looking up for 2 minutes he realized it wasn't gonna spread anymore,he looked very careful at it and finally came to a conclusion it was a message, the message looked like the following:

D+E=4ever&ever&ever,nothing will ever tear us apart...

Wally was yelling at the sky saying," Daniel you lucky bastard, take good care of her."