Simple Truths

by Lalita

Typical innocent, little girl

Pure as a lamb; I want to hurl

Honest and sweet; simplicity reigns

You're starting to be my own hated bane

You make me frown with all of your grins

And you say I'm the one with chagrin

You walk around and preach your ways

Saying sex before marriage just isn't okay

Love everyone you see in plain sight

Look at the stars shining bright in the night

Appreciate all of life's simple pleasures

Children are blessings, just like rare treasures

Laugh like you don't have a care in the world

Chose the right way- don't let your fists curl

God is our Savoir; the Lord of all

He'll pick you up whenever you fall

Listen to me because I know I'm right

Listen so you won't have to be smite

Little Miss Perfect, Little Miss Priss

You walk around surrounded by bliss

With perfect grades and perfect friends

Never once thinking that it could all end

Well, my dear, I've got some news

Life's not perfect; not for me or for you

Society's confined to a simple cage

While disease and abuse runs free with rage

Drugs exist and so does booze

Everyone tries but some always lose

Somewhere, some place, there's always a cry

That fades, ignored, into the night

While you may lead a happy life

Some others know only pain and strife

So please don't smile; you rub it in

"Ha! You lost! I win! I win!"