I like to touch my lungs.
It makes me giggle.
And touching my liver. I can feel the sweet warmth.
My brain is the best of all though.
It can't feel any pain, so I stab it with things.
Like forks, and safety pins.
My sweet brain, without pain receptors.
I have a rat running inside my skull..
Deranged child.. Fix your clothing.
My face is peeling off, it's neat.
Happy little bunnies, hopping around a meadow,
Until I come around with a magnum..
BANG BANG, ten little bunnies,
Lined up in a row for skinning.
I like to touch my organs.
Pancreas, ooh la la.
Spleen and skin.
Gallbladder and bowels.
Everything inside is funny.
Poking at organs is fun.
Making me giggle like a little girl.
A funny little girl. A sick little girl..