Honey-Coated Olives

You lie so well, that I can taste Truth on your breath.

I breathe and inhale falsehoods from your lips.

You walk in fog, concealed in a cloud of smoke.

The sun hides the dark moon of your soul's own eclipse.

Even an olive coated in honey can hide its bitter taste.

Honey is dripping from your tongue. You were lusciously dipped in the sugary batter.

The sweat of sweet lies leaves your face shining, like that of a saint.

Eyes of deceit hide behind the veil of your saintly manner.

Your hypocrisy has a ring of sincerity to it that echoes in my ears.

It plays like a gentle melody. All false undercurrents remain unheard.

Yet I breathe your air of life and listen only to your songs.

All I eat is honey-coated olives and reverently worship my saint's holy words.