Paladin, a sequel to demise of the warrior.

A proud warrior, fallen
His death upon his own head
Lost in love, not in war
But still he now lies dead

Well he thought it was love
No more than teenage lust it seems
Pitifully lost for nothing at all
The warrior is no more than dead dreams

Once something more,
A being of love, romance and chivalry
All of which have been torn from the world
Now that proud warrior is just me

Having lost everything I lived for
Jaded and alone I sat
I rampaged for the body
Nothing found, just that

A warrior is almost never lost in combat
But lost in the world without love
It happens all to often
But their souls rise above

My soul still inhabits this plane
I haven't died yet and I don't plan to
I have seen my share of misery
But no longer will I rot over you

Twisted from my true form
A jaded barbarian now
I will become stronger
But the question is how?