Mercuria: Thank Thalia for this one. She gave me a poetry challenge wherein I had to use twenty words in one poem- and here it is.

sinking into the cacophony of the crowd
eardrums shattered by the straining of a guitar- beautiful, because you chose it
beautiful, like your hair- striped all the colors of the rainbow and gleaming like plastic
like the words out of your mouth- a translucent expression of salvation through screaming- I am too naive, too green to understand

all I hear is the ursine growling into the microphone
all I see is your face, wrinkled as you shriek
all I am is worn, and tired, and too old for my age
but I know you have deserted me

so sing that fantastic swan-song, if only a crowd can make you orgasm
you, their glittering contraband
illustrious, dangerous, and so tempting ...

I watch you from below
the dirtied, cast-aside demigoddess
my slatted lids shutting (you out)

I never liked rock music