Jeremiah walked to the beach.
He passed the ice cream shop where they spent Saturdays
And the barber shop where he got his hair cut.
She always came with him and waited outside.
Jeremiah absent mindedly waved to the men waiting,
Waiting for John the Barber.
He passed the church where she had been laid to rest.
In his right hand he held their wedding picture.
Forty-five years he had loved her
Only to have God take her away.
Forty-five years he had spent
Having ice cream Saturdays
And Scrabble Tuesdays.
Forty-five years he had
Forty-five years washed away
As Jeremiah walked.
Jeremiah walked down to the water front.
He passed the kids playing volleyball
And the children building sandcastles.
He walked to the cove, the private cove
Where he proposed.
In his left hand he carried a jar.
Forty-five years all in one jar.
Jeremiah opened the jar and let
Forty-five years float away.
Jeremiah took off his sandals.
Sandals spent on walks at night.
Sandals that would spend the rest
In the cove.
Jeremiah laid down in the water
And slept.