((@@@@@@ = sometime later))

We both decided to see Peter Pan. Since it was his favorite
book. I knew it was a kiddy movie, but I didn't say
anything. We sat in the back row and waited for the
advertisements that they play before a movie to end.

"Why do you like Peter Pan so much?" I asked him, as he shoved a handful of popcorn in his mouth.

"Because he can never grow up and be old." He answered, before I could ask another question the movie started.


The movie ended, but Angel and I decided to wait till the crowd left before we went home. Angel was reading the, who played who list. I didn't really care. Even though, surprisingly, the movie turned out to be actually good.

"Angel, everyone is gone, let's go." I said sweetly, standing up and stretching. Angel looked at me and stood up. He was smiling and seemed happy.

"I'll take it, you liked the movie." I said, walking down the stairs to the exit. Angel nodded his head yes and followed me. Finally he was glad and smiling. My idea of seeing a movie worked.

There was a huge crowd in front of the door. I grabbed Angel's hand and we ran through it. A couple of adults yelled at us and called us, impatient bratty teens. Laughing, Angel and I ran to my black 57 Corvette convertible coupe. My parents refused to pay for my car. I ended up paying for it with all of the money I owned.

Laughing I asked Angel, "You had fun?" He nodded yes and took his coat off. He was wearing dark blue baggy jeans, a dark green muscle T, and a black leather jacket. His muscular arms were tan and strong. He was wearing a silver chain around his neck with a dragon hanging from it. We waited for the car to warm up.

"You have any tattoos?" Angel asked me, as he laid his jacket in the backseat. I nodded yes and smiled.

"What and where?" He asked, adjusting his seat so he could stretch his legs out.

"I have a black, red, and orange butterfly on my lower back. I got it last month." I answered, turning the radio on to 104.9, funky monkey. Angel leaned forward to turn the music up. I believe in a thing called love, by The Darkness was playing. It was my favorite song, for the month.

"You saw my black and white dragon on my back already, with
its red eyes. I don't know if you understand French, but
under it, it I'm the only one that knows what it is to
burn." Angel said, staring out the window.

"The music video is corny." Angel said, turning back to face
me. He stared at me with his deep gray eyes, in a way
I've never been stared at before. It was a mixture of
calmness, lust, love, and confidence. I suddenly felt very

"You have beautiful deep, mysterious, intense blue eyes." He
complimented. I looked away, not knowing what to say. Angel
had never said anything about what I looked like.

"I have a secret to tell, I like you. I've liked you since
the day we met." Angel said, leaning towards me. I leaned
back, avoiding contact with his body.

"Angel, your hot and a gentleman, but I prefer bad boys." I
said, telling the truth. Angel looked confused.

"You don't think I'm a bad boy? How long have you known
me? At the least I'm a dare devil." He argued. He grew
tense and angry.

"You were, but now you're just a confused, depressed boy.
You don't like me." I said, pulling out of the parking lot.

Shaking his head, "You have no clue what I feel! No one does!" He yelled, grabbing my arm so I'd stop the car. I had no chose, but to stop the car. Angel steered us to the side of the road. He undid his seatbelt.

"Why don't you think I'm a bad boy?" He asked, he didn't let go of my arm.

"I don't know." I said, as I tried to loosen his grip on me. Angel placed his free had against the window and leaned my head against it. He leaned forward, bringing his face an inch from mine.

"Yes you do." He said, before he kissed me. His lips were full and soft like mine. He was a very good kisser. It would have been better if it hadn't had happened the way it did.

After about two minutes, Angel pulled away. He opened his door saying nothing. He just got out, shut his door, and walked away. Leaving me alone and confused.