Welcome and thank you for taking your time to read my story. If you don't like American history, I will warn you now to turn away. I'm historically accurate in my facts (although I do admit to not getting the dialect correct.) or try my hardest to be anyway. If you should encounter any mistakes (grammar, spelling, my facts are screwed up), please inform me. I'll correct it and give you the credit. Yay, credit!

Random Information about the story: -My town of Dracut, Massachusetts, (it's a real town.really!) was originally called Draycott was it was first founded in 1701. I did not make it up, nor did I make up any other names other than fictions character names. Go artistic license!

-All character traits and personalities about our founding fathers are taken out of my John Adams biography, my history book, and that video my teacher made our class watch. (And partly out of "1776", I love that movie)

-The working title is copyrighted to a Mr. Liam Lynch; the man who wrote and sings the song of the same name. (The current title is only temporary until I can think of something better.)

- "That guy in the knickers" is directly taken out of "Awww Sweet Jesus" by Rosaline. It's my ode to her story. If you like this you should read it. It's good, I promise.

This is dedicated to the Dracut High School art club. Long live the Revolution!

Prologue: Where the Hell Are We?

It was strangely bright when Emily opened for eyes, accustomed to the dark atmosphere of the Dracut High art room. All and all, it was a fairly normal Thursday for her. She woke up 5 minutes late, ate a breakfast consisting of a yogurt, found it to be slightly raining out, went to school, went to lunch, and then made her way to art club after school. It was an interesting art club, they did a craft involving flip books and then everyone began to pack up and head out. That was when the weather outside began to take a turn for the worst.

However, now it was bright out. As she slowly surveyed her surroundings, her mouth gaped and her face went white. Trees.in Dracut High? Now, she wasn't in Dracut High anymore. She most definitely was not in Dracut High. She found it funny that she had to sit up, her back was hurting from a rock that was poking into it. She quickly looked beside her for a friend and found Jessie, the last person she had been with in the high school before the weather went bad.

Jessie looked like she was sleeping, faced down in a pile of leaves. "Jessie?" She asked in a hoarse whisper. "Jessie, wake up!" She said louder. She stirred and propped herself up slowly.

"Oh my God, my head." Jessie murmured, rubbing a small spot on her temple. Small drops of blood dripped down from her hairline, but she seemed to be unaware of this as she observed her current situation. "Em, are we in a forest?" She asked, turning herself over to sit upright. The elbows of her shirt were torn out, her jeans were frayed at the bottom and the knees (small dark stains of dried blood caking at the edges), and her left shoe was missing.

"Jeezus Jess, what happened to us?" Emily gasped, looking at her own missing patches of clothing and abrasions on her body. She had a large gash across her cheek, but fortunately it seemed to be dried as if she had been lying down for a while on her back. She touched it gingerly and hissed as she felt the size of the cut. "Forgive me Emily, but were we not just in the art room?" Jessie wondered, saying this as she crawled to a tree in order to assist herself in getting up. She found it difficult because her knees were trembling as she did this. "I believe we were, but as of right now I can't remember anything that happened after Tearar shut the window when I asked her to."

She walked carefully to Emily, who was sitting on the ground pondering this last question, and helped her up as well. "I remember that it was the end of art club.then the weather got real bad." Emily tried to remember. "Good, good!" Jessie encouraged. "Let's start walking down that footpath, but keep talking and trying to remember what happened. We need to piece this together, as it looks like neither of us knows why were in the middle of a fucking forest."

Emily followed Jessie, snickering to herself about Jessie's missing shoe. "Stop laughing Em." Jessie grumbled, hoping her friend would trip over a log or rock. "Ok, well then you told Tearar to shut the window because the wind was blowing around all the loose papers." Emily began to recall, keeping the pace with Jessie as they huffed through the forest. "Now here's the part I forget Emily." Jessie reminded her friend.

"The sky was getting really dark, so we agreed to walk back to your house as fast as we could." Emily told her. She paused, screwing up her face as she tried her best to recall the events. "Then everything gets fuzzy. The wind picked up, something happened outside, an explosion almost, then there was this light - and the next thing I knew we were back about 100 yards on the ground, clothing ripped with no memories of how we got there."

"Well that's just lovely." Jessie sighed. She began to slow her pace and Emily caught up with her. "I might fall down, just so you know." She informed Emily, finding it difficult to stay on the footpath. "I mean, what could have possibly happened to us?

"We could have been gone for days Jess. We might be missing persons for all we know." Emily supposed. "Hell, we don't even know where we are!" She added as an after though. "We might be in the middle of a backyard, a state park, or friggin' Canada! We could have been drugged, kidnapped, and then left out here to die!"

"Drugged? In art club? Who would do that?" Jessie exclaimed, squinting her eyes as a sudden beam of light hit her face. The sun streamed through the openings in the trees above, brightening their dark path ahead. "I don't think we've been gone all that long though, that I'm for certain." She stated. "And at least the sun's shining now. Do you think we're still in Dracut Emily?" These sentences came streaming out in rapid succession, as if all the swirling thoughts in her head were trying to get out at once.

"I dunno Jess. I'm kinda freaked out right now. I mean, we both wake up in the middle of a forest, clothes torn with cuts all over us, you probably have a concussion, we don't know how we got here in the first place and we don't remember a thing." Emily voice rose as she could feel the onset of panic creep in. "Lord knows what happened to the rest of art club! There could have been a mass explosion in the school, caused by lightning or something!"

"Unlikely as it is." Jessie added with a bit of a frown. "Oh God Emily, what are we going to do? What if something really bad has happened to us?" She began to sound like she was panicking, something uncharacteristic to her personality. All the horrible made for TV movies on the lifetime channel went flashing through her mind. She didn't even notice that Emily had stopped dead in her tracks or that the forest itself was beginning to thin out and then disappeared entirely. She ran right into Emily's back.

"Hey, what's the deal Em?" She asked as she pealed her face off of Emily's sweatshirt. Emily was completely speechless. All she could manage to do was point her index finger forward. Jessie looked down to where Emily directed her. "Oh my god." She muttered. Emily turned to Jess with tears forming in her eyes. "Jess, please say this is all a big joke." She whispered.

Jessie nearly dropped to her knees she was so shocked. With the forest behind them, they stood on a high grassy hill. "What, what is going on?"

Chapter One: Working for the Man

They approached the town with caution in their step, unaware of how to interact with what they were seeing. When Emily and Jessie looked down from the grassy hill, they found a place with no roads or telephone poles. Instead they saw cobblestone and dirt streets, spaced colonial style houses, open markets, horses, and carriages. From a distance they saw people, but not dressed in modern day clothing. It was a small town, farms and wilderness stretching around the town for as far as the eye could see.

As they came into the center of town, the people along the streets met their gazes with strange looks. Many of them whispered to eachother, mothers pulled their children away from Emily and Jessie to the other side of the street, and others just stared. "This can't be for real." Emily said. Some of the people were dressed plainly, some dressed more upscale, but it was apparent for all that none belonged in the 21st century.

"Are we in Williamsburg?" Jessie remarked rather loudly as they passed a small general store. An older gentleman with a brown coat came out of the shop just in time to hear her question and replied, "Why no good lady. You must be lost and out of your native country. Surely you know that you are in the land of Massachusetts?" He said cheerily.

"Massachusetts? Are we in Sturbridge Village?" Emily whispered, but unfortunately the man in the brown coat also picked that up.

"No, I'm afraid you are mistaken. You are in Draycott." He informed them. He tipped his hat and made his way down the road with a newspaper under his arm, whistling as he went to the local tavern.

Jessie grabbed Emily's arm and they ducked behind the small general store, away from the prying eyes of the townspeople. "Emily! I know this is going to sound completely absurd and insane, but I think-"

Emily cut her off as if she heard nothing Jessie said previously. "-We've traveled back in time Jess! Just like in all the books and novels and movies out there, only this time for real! We're not in medieval England or back in prehistoric times in some Indian culture, we're in our own town. Draycott-Dracut, we've traveled back to 1775!" She shrieked excitedly. No more was she panicked or worried, she was almost giddy with excitement.

"I'm glad you feel that way- wait - how did you know the year?" Jessie asked.

"I read the date on the guy's newspaper." Emily replied with a grin.

"So you're not worried about how we got here, or that our family could be missing us, or that we could be disrupting the time line, or that we might never be able to get back?" Jessie said to Emily, still in disbelief over the whole situation.

"For the time being, nope." Emily grinned.

A normal person would have broken down or possibly believed themselves to have gone mad, but this was not the situation with Emily or Jessie. Their lives revolved around fiction and fantasy, and while Jessie often opted more towards historical than fantastical, a predicament like theirs would not have been unheard of in the literary world. As such, it was not the literary world, it was the real world and only an hour ago they had been whisked away suddenly (and judging from their clothes) violently from their high school.

For two normal girls, panic would have onset. However for Emily and Jessie, they began to make arrangements to fix themselves up so as to blend in better. From reading all those books, they knew better than to mess with a time line. They had to find a way back home, and to do so they had to find out how they arrived in 1775 in the first place. In novels people are always so lucky and prepared when they time traveled, they panicked but didn't over worry themselves. They seemed to always accept what had happened, never think themselves crazy like Jessie and Emily did at the time. However, Jessie and Emily had one thing the protagonists of novels didn't have. They had eachother, and they knew that both of them couldn't have been crazy at the same time.

They were still very much in disbelief as they discussed their plan for action. What was needed now: a place to stay for the night. As it was still early, the shops were open and running.

"Jess, we don't have any money." Emily reminded her friend. She jangled the change in her pocket. "15 cents won't get us very far, especially because it's money from the future." She added, the words coming from her mouth sounding ridiculous.

"Emily," Jessie began, casually walking towards the closest women's dress shop. "What we are about to do I am neither proud of nor excited for. However, it must be done. For the sake of my left foot, it must be done."

"Oh Jeezus." Emily muttered. "We're going to do something illegal, aren't we?"

"Very much so I'm afraid. Although at least it's a few shades below murder."

"One would hope." Emily said. She kept walking behind Jessie, but when there was no reply from her friend she called after her, "We're not going to kill the shop keeper are we?!"

Jessie shushed Emily and motioned for her to hurry up. "We look a little strange around here, ok? So don't go around screaming things like that. Now what I want you to do is to go up to that man in the knickers, and kick him in, um, his balls."

"WHAT?" Emily shrieked. "Oh sure, let me be the one in jail!"

"Well, you can run faster. You have both your shoes." Jessie stated simply. "Now while you shout curses at him and accuse him of stealing your cow, making the townspeople think you're totally loony, I'm going to swipe us some clothes." Jessie said all this as if it was completely obvious.

"Well, if this is the plan, you'd better get me a corset. I've always wanted one." Emily finally gave up and resided to her duty. "Aw, do I have to kick him Jess? He's kinda cute." She sighed when Jessie nodded her head. She cracked her fingers, as it was her habit to do so, and made her way to the man in the knickers.

Jessie snuck her way inside the shop just as the first shouts were being made. "YOU BASTARD! WHERE'S BESSIE?!" Sounded behind her. Quickly, the store was cleared of all people, including the owner who went to stop the insane woman. Jessie couldn't have asked for a better outcome. She set to work, grabbing up undergarments, coats, shirts, skirts, and a corset for Emily. She also managed to pick out a few nice hats, as Emily seemed to be enjoying her job. She found a back door and snuck out, hiding her items behind a pile of crates that had yet to be unloaded into the store behind.

She rounded her way around the corner and caught the attention of Emily, who had been in the middle of repeating every curse word she had ever heard. "Oh. I'm sorry," She said, pretending to look closely at the man in the knickers, who was by now a pile of pathetic mush on the street. "Wrong person." And with that, Emily skipped her way out, much to the confusion of the onlookers and especially the man in the knickers.

They laughed as they met up in the alley next to the garment store. "Oh man Jess, you should have seen that guy when I got into the modern-day curses. Especially when I called him a boobie-nipple. He looked like this." And here Emily made a face resembling a scared chimpanzee.

"That's wonderful Emily. Nice job." Jessie complemented. She began to dig for the clothing and started throwing random skirts and coats to her friend. "I don't know half of what to do with all these things I've nabbed."

Emily sat down and picked through the clothing that Jessie tossed at her. "You got a lot of stuff Jess, I don't think we'll be able to stay much longer in Draycott, everyone will be looking for us." Emily informed Jessie, trying to figure out which way to put on her petticoat.

"Well I grabbed some bonnets to cover our heads so our faces won't be recognized in a crowd. And I think these skirts should cover our shoes, they seem long enough." Said Jessie. If anyone were to go into the alley for the boxes, they would discover two ladies in their unmentionables conversing in what would seem like a very strange tongue. Luckily, no one did and Emily and Jessie were allowed to dress in peace.

"Too bad we can't rob a shoe store." Emily chuckled as she helped Jessie tie a shirt on to her foot until they could find another shoe. Jessie just grumbled and managed to kick Emily when she was done.

"Now what do we do with our clothes?" Emily wondered, picking up her ripped jeans affectionately. "I'm going to miss wearing pants." She sniffed.

Jessie looked around for a stream or river. Finding none she said, "Let's throw them into that well over there." They walked solemnly over towards the stone well and dropped their modern-day clothing into the water with a splash. "Hopefully no one's going to be thirsty for a while. At least until we're out of here." Emily muttered, waving goodbye to her Jack Skellington sweatshirt.

"It's ok Emily." Jessie comforted. "Just remember the good times you had with it." They slowly made their way as far as they could from the shop they robbed. (Well, technically the shop that Jessie robbed.) Much to their surprise, they were unnoticed as everyone was still talking about the strange girl in the blue breeches.

"What next?" Emily asked, finding herself almost pleased about how everyone was reacting to her earlier performance. "Well, we need a place to stay." Jessie reminded her.

A girl about their age passed them, the two stopping to get a good look at her. "At least we were putting on the clothes the right way." Emily remarked. "Although I'm sure she's not wearing a bra underneath her corset."

"Or underwear, which is completely gross." Jessie added, making a face. "By the way, we only have only one pair of each for however long we have to stay here. Same with our shoes until we can find some new ones."

"Or shoe, in your case." Emily smirked, which received an elbow in her side. "This is gonna suck Jess, you realize." She said, nursing her injured side.

As they passed stores, homes, and taverns they began to think of work they might be able to do. "Maybe we can get a job as a maid or something." Jessie said with a shrug. It was beginning to get dark in the town of Draycott, which meant their time was running out. "I don't want to sleep in the bushes Jess. Plus I'm really hungry. Let's go into this place." Emily said, stopping in front of a local run-down inn.

With a nod from Jess they stepped in and were greeted with the smell of dense smoke and the sound of intense debate and causal talk. They made their way to the innkeeper, looking meek and out of place in an inn full of dirty farmers and traveling men. As they passed a group of men playing cards, one of them grabbed for Emily's tush but was slapped away by Jessie, who was ready to pick up a fire poker and just start swinging. When the man stood up to protest (or cuss, whichever one), the innkeeper came trotting over and interjected.

"What is it about me that gives people the 'grope me' vibe?" Emily huffed as they were being lead away by the older man. Jessie shook her head. "Your ass, or maybe it's your huge boobies?" Jessie muttered. They followed the innkeeper into the kitchen and told him that they were two out of town girls who happened to loose their traveling companions and were now all-alone with no means of income. Emily and Jessie made their most pitiful faces and pleaded with the man for a job until he finally gave in.

"I only have three other people working for me, so you'll be helping them out with odd jobs." Said the innkeeper, who was introduced as Mr. Canon, as he showed them around the inn later that night. "You'll be staying with Sarah, my daughter, in the attic room. There's only one bed, and it's hers, so you'll be sharing the floor. You wake up at 5, come into the kitchen to have your breakfast, then you work until 3. You have your hour break, and then you work until 10. Every other week you get the weekend off. Am I clear?" He asked, turning around to face the girls, who nodded enthusiastically, partly because they were terrified of him.

He was a rather huge man; big in build with a bad white wig covering his head. As the girls later found out, he liked to cover the wig with a large brown hat. He wore dirty white shirts with a leather apron over his belly, which the girls would later end up washing every Sunday while he and his family went to church. When they would say something wrong or act out of their time period, he would just blame it on the fact that they were "out of towners".

They worked hard from dawn until dusk, normally having no time for themselves unless they were on their hour break, and even then they didn't venture far into town. They were too afraid of messing something up and completely unfolding the tapestry of time. They had to help cook, clean the rooms and dress the beds, mop the floors, keep the fire in the tavern going, clear said tavern, and help to run the bar at night. They would also sometimes act as waitresses at night when the other staff members went out at night on their days off. To their disgust they would sometimes have to clean the chamber pots, although to their relief that job was reserved for the young man named Stephen who was employed there. Often the other employees, Sarah and Thomas, would give them lists and have them go shopping or deliver messages to people in the town.

With their first payment they bought labor clothes, for Sarah was beginning to complain that they were distracting the customers by working just their petticoats and undershirts. (They were too afraid to wear their stolen clothes with the townspeople around in the day.) Emily found that she hated Sarah with a passion, she was spoiled and bossy and always tried to make things difficult for them. Thomas was a bit nicer (but not much) and older (around 25 or so), but acted extremely haughty even though he was just a cook and acting stable boy for the inn. Jessie once or twice commented discretely that he smelled awful and should take a bath, however he didn't seem to take the hint. Stephen was shy and barely talked with them, only when to give them another job to do. When they worked together he kept to himself, which Emily and Jessie found pleasant and enjoyed his silent company. In turn, he also seemed to enjoy being in their presence and listening to their stupid banter back and forth. Besides, anything was better than a bossy woman and a smelly man.

They found that the worst part about their whole experience was the smell. Nobody took baths, or even bothered to clean themselves either. This was one modern-day convenience they couldn't live without, so whenever it was possible they would run down to the brook and scrub themselves raw. Emily even looked into making her own soap, and bought herbs and flowers so they could cover up the smell in their room they shared with Sarah. They couldn't even begin to imagine what the city would smell like, with all that garbage and stinky people all crowded together into one small place. While they normally went barefoot around the inn, they found that they had to buy shoes because the customers were so messy around dinnertime. Plus Jessie was sick of keeping around her one penny loafer, and Emily's sneakers were literally falling apart.

The whole town of Draycott had been in an uproar since the appearance of the girl in the blue breeches and the robbery of Mr. Foster's clothing store. Stories went around the small town, and many recalled seeing two girls walking through the streets of Draycott with mischief in their eyes before they disappeared. They began to blame the death of chickens, cows, and geese on the two, as well as many other unfortunate events that plagued Draycott or any other normal New England town. As is happened, Mr. Foster was a regular at the inn, and so was the man Emily kicked in the nuggets. Whenever they walked in, Emily and Jessie were sure to run out the back door to find some firewood or get some well water.

Draycott was an extremely small and isolated town, and talk of the outside world was often brought to them with couriers of letters or people passing through the town. As both Jessie and Emily knew, something remarkable in world history was about to occur, such was evident in the fireside chats of the patrons. Most sympathized with the people of Boston, and were upset and angry with the British for disbanding their central government. They hated the taxes and were distraught over the closing of Boston harbor, for most of the families of Draycott were farmers and depended on the exporting of their goods. Emily and Jessie differed from every single person in the town for one reason, if not for any other reason, and that was that they knew what was going to occur. They weren't sure how they felt, whether they were frightened or excited for the revolution, but they knew they had to stay out of the way and let history take it's course.

It was a particularly stirring event that caused Emily and Jessie's sudden evacuation to Boston. One day they were out back doing the laundry when Stephen came out to chop the wood. As usual, he didn't speak to the girls, until their conversation sparked his interest.

"Did you hear Widow Benton's latest story about those two strangers? She came to see Mr. Canon last night and said they had stolen 4 of her neighbor's cows." Emily said to Jessie, passing her a wet shirt to hang up on the laundry line.

"She actually said that?" Jessie asked in disbelief, chuckling when Emily nodded. "What a quack." She sighed with a smile. "I mean, honestly. Anyone can see that it's a pack of wolves, you can hear them late at night."

"You don't believe the stories?" Came a strong, but unfamiliar voice from the chopping block. Stephen was leaning upon the handle of his ax, staring at Jess and Em. Emily looked up at Jess from her position in front of the wash bin and slowly tilted her head to the side.

"Actually." Jessie said slowly, "No. No, we don't." She was cautious in her answer for she didn't want to gain suspicion from her coworker.

"Well, why not?" He asked, going back to his chopping. Thud, thud, thud.

"Uh.." Jessie was stumped as to how to reply to this. She quickly turned to Emily, looking for an answer.

"You both are acting like you have something to hide." He added, seeing their discomfort. Emily and Jessie both stopped what they were doing and turned to face him. Finally, Emily stood.

"Listen, if you really want to know," She began, but there was hesitation in her voice. It seemed there was no other way to get around this. Besides, Stephen did seem to be trustworthy in their eyes. He never even talked to Mr. Canon, his daughter, or even Thomas, only when it was necessary. "We are those two girls that everyone is talking about."

"Really?" He asked, completely stopping his chopping almost at once. He sat on the chopping block and placed the ax by his feet. "Do you really go out at night and steal chickens?" He inquired with a laugh. He was obviously a lot smarter than everyone had made him out to be at the inn, judging by his teasing reaction.

"Oh, god no!" Jessie replied, smiling as though it couldn't be helped. She and Emily went back to their work as they talked with Stephen, quickly coming up with a cover story as they went along. "We were dressed in our traveling clothes when we came into Draycott center. We had been separated from our traveling party when a storm hit." Jessie told him.

"It was awful. We were muddy and bloody and completely lost, and all the townspeople could do was make horrible rumors about us." Said Emily. "So we let them have their fun and kept quiet." In truth they both knew that their entrance into Draycott had been over-the-top and extraordinary, but for purpose of covering their asses the story suited them well. Besides, they never really fibbed to Stephen and the others; they had been muddy and completely lost when they first came to Draycott.

"But you really did create a scene, right?" He asked, directing his attention towards Emily. "I wasn't there, but I heard you went as far as to spit in his face and bite him."

"That I did not do." Emily chuckled, but here is where she full out lied to Stephen. "It must have been a strange sight, and I think there was a major mix up in communication between us. All I wanted was directions, but my dialect confused him so I did end up hurting him in the end."

"Ah, I see. I wish I could have been there." He said with a sigh. He stood and began to chop again, and when he finished he gathered a few blocks of wood and began to walk away. Before he did, he turned his head over towards the girls. "Isn't it odd though, how Mr. Foster was also robbed out of 200 dollars worth of clothing that very same day?" He said.

"Maybe it was needed." Emily added, lifting an eyebrow to Jessie. "Maybe they were desperate people."

"Maybe." Stephen said. "Well, see you to-night." And then he left.

The girls paused before speaking to eachother once again. "He knows we took that clothing." Jessie said, feeling panic set in. Plans to set fire to the clothing upstairs were beginning to form in her head.

"He knows, but it doesn't sound like he'll tell on us Jessie." Emily noticed. "I think we're the only ones who even say hi to him around here."

"But even so, it makes me nervous if just one isolated person knows. No one should know." Jessie responded softly.

The subject was dropped and they went back to work in silence, feeling relatively calm for a situation so bad.

However later that night, just before 10:30 at night, there was a pounding at the girls' attic door. Sarah was no where to be found, so Emily and Jessie were enjoying a relatively peaceful night as they were getting ready for bed. Emily jumped up hurriedly to open the door, and came face-to-face with an out of breath Stephen. "Oh my god, what is it?" Jessie asked as Emily let Stephen into their room. "Are we in trouble?"

"Aya! It's Sarah!" He gasped. He had just run up 4 flights of stairs and it was obvious he had been outside as well, as he had bits of twig in his hair.

"What about Sarah? She was in town today." Emily reminded them.

"She came back to grab her purse and heard our entire conversation from this afternoon! She, Thomas, and Mr. Canon are out finding Mr. Foster right this very minute. I heard the entire conversation from the kitchen, they think you two are asleep. They're coming back to arrest you!" He said. The girls were surprised to hear so much coming out of his mouth, they didn't realize he was capable of stringing that many sentences together.

"What are we suppose to do then?" Jessie asked, heading right for her and Emily's trunk in the corner. It was really more of a crate they had asked for from the dry-goods store, but it held all of their clothing and other items they had managed to acquire over the past 2 months.

"A man headed out for Boston tonight is waiting downstairs. I've arranged for you to accompany him. Now hurry and get your things, be down quickly." He said, and went for the door.

"Why are you doing this for us Stephen?" Emily called out, grabbing his sleeve.

"I've never had anyone who's even been remotely decent to me. Don't think I've forgotten all those times you did me all those favors." He said with a smile. "Besides, I've never had people make me smile as much as you have." With this said he left, closing the door behind him. Emily and Jessie couldn't help but making that "awwwwww" noise afterwards.

"Well, you heard the man. Let's move 'em out." Jessie stated as she Emily grabbed the crate and headed down the stairs.

When they arrived downstairs they found Stephen and another man waiting by the back door. "Jessie, Emily, this is Dr. Benjamin Rush. He's on his way to Boston, and has agreed to let you travel with him. He'll also provide for housing while you're in Boston." Emily and Jessie curtsied as they had learned to do from the ladies in the town. Dr. Rush bowed to them and then motioned for his manservant to load the crate on to his personal carriage.

Once the items were loaded, Jessie and Emily went to say goodbye to Stephen. "Thank you so much." Emily said bordering tears. To his surprise, she hugged him quickly and then hopped into the carriage.

"How much is Dr. Rush charging?" Jessie asked Stephen, although the doctor answered for himself. "Nothing, actually. I'm in need of two good maids, and your friend Stephen here has informed me that you two do good work. I immediately hired you, I do hope that's all right." He notified her.

"Oh.that's good." Jessie said, surprised with the answer. "Well, thanks again Stephen. If you can, get yourself away from here. Try the next town over, Methuen. It's rather nice."

Once Jessie and Emily were in the carriage, Dr. Rush then spoke with Stephen. "I hope they're up to the work I'm going to have them do. But then again, you seem convinced that they're reliable."

"Absolutely Sir. I have no doubt, they have city blood flowing through them." Stephen assured. "But go easy on them the first week. They've been through a lot, or so I've been told."

Dr. Rush accompanied Jessie and Emily in the carriage and sat facing them. Jessie had taken her time to explain to Emily that they were now working for Dr. Rush in Boston, room and board included, a situation that suited Emily much better. She found herself in one of the best moods she had ever been in since first arriving in 1775 when she stuck her head out the window and waved to Stephen as they drove off, shouting, "Find yourself a good woman!"

It was a close call as they rode down the main street; they could see the lights of their pursuers' lanterns in the window of Mr. Foster's shop. "We were that close to being thrown into jail." Emily said out loud, and then slightly turned her head to see if the 'good doctor' had overheard that remark. To her relief he didn't seem to have, so she continued on normally. "It was fortunate that you were headed to Boston. Thank you." She said to him, Jessie nodding beside her in agreement. "As I said, no need for gratitude, it was I who was the fortune one." Dr. Rush insisted. "I would have needed to find servants when I arrived in Boston anyway."

"Why don't you have servants in Boston? Don't you live there?" Asked Emily, trying to make small talk. It was rather uncomfortable in the small, cramped carriage.

"I live in Pennsylvania, all my family and servants are there. I'm just visiting a friend in Massachusetts; there's talk of a second Continental Congress in my capital of Philadelphia. I was actually traveling through Draycott and had to stop and fix my carriage for the wheel broke." He explained.

"Oh.well how long do you plan on staying in Boston?" Emily wondered. She was already beginning to think of finding another job after Dr. Rush left them unemployed in the city.

"Not for a few months at least." Smiled Dr. Rush, sensing the desperation in the girl's voice. Emily almost sighed out loud with relief but managed to restrain herself, and Jessie was unusually quiet.

The carriage began to drive away from Draycott and soon they were rushing through the forests of Massachusetts towards the sea. "Goodbye Dracut." Jessie muttered, slowly waving goodbye to her hometown. "God, I thought I would be happy, saying goodbye to that Hell hole and all." She remarked to herself. "But then why am I so sad?" She placed her head against the window of the carriage and let it bounce along with the bumps they encountered on the unpaved road.

"Maybe because of all the good times we had there Jess. It may have held some bad memories, but we did have fun." Emily said, laying her head on Jessie's shoulder in order to comfort her.

"Or maybe," Added Dr. Benjamin Rush, who had begun to take out a book from his leather bag to read along the journey, "It's because you know one part of your life has ended, and another has begun."

"That's one way to look at it." Jessie said lightly, head still resting against the window.

"It's the way I prefer." Said the physician gravely. Little did the two girls know at the time, but the doctor was on his way to encounter the new path of his own life. In only a couple of months, they would find themselves on the border of a Revolution; whether they would try to stay out of the way or not was their choice alone. However, they would not find themselves alone.