A mix of fresh scratches

and old scars

in a patchwork

of other people's lies.

Crippling self doubt

and long fed self hatred,

the seven deadly sins

and more.

Mental images

from television screens,

their stencils no one fits.

Broken hearts

with false promises,

embellished truths

or raw fantasies?

The cold nights

of haunting memories,

ghosts of the present

as friendly as the past.

Fingerprints of every soul

that's ever touched skin;

love, lust, loath and levy.

Comments, quotes and whispers

echoing through

and loud screams.

Rainbows of light and dark

playing hide and seek.

Wishes and dreams

too scared to reach for,

too foolish to let go.

Missed opportunities and lost chances,

the new regrets.

Painful mistakes

matched with happy accidents.

Many questions

without their answers.

Broken bruises

from falling too often,

sacred scrapes

from crawling back up.


deep and ugly,

shallow and pretty,

pride and shame.

They make me up,

these horrors that lay,

under this skin.