In most situations Ally loved to be right, however, this time she was glad to be wrong. To her surprise, Mr. And Mrs. Cross loved Cris. When the couple walked into the restaurant, the entire Cross family completely accepted him. Her parents loved him so much that through the course of the meal, Cris had somehow moved from sitting next to Ally to sitting next to her father, Jon. Ally watched as Cris listened intently to Jon tell a story about how he decided to open his own business many years ago. As Ally nibbled on her food, her gaze moved from Cris to her mother, who was now deep in a story about Ally's success in school.
"Ally's going to be graduating in the spring with a 3.8 GPA. Isn't that right, Ally?" Regina Cross said glancing across the table. Ally looked up out of her daze and nodded. It was hard to believe that college was almost over. It seemed as if the year had flew by and Ally knew she had Cris to thank for that.
"Just one more semester left."
"Are you still taking a full load? Last I heard you were taking eighteen credits? That must have been strenuous," her aunt Tina asked.
"Yeah," Ally smiled. "It was a little difficult, but all that's over now. I'm down to the last two. Just six credits which is going to make it a pretty easy semester." As she finished speaking, Ally dug her fork into her plate and slid a piece of pie into her mouth.
"Ally's going to be working for the justice department," her mother continued. "She had an internship with them last year and they called her back. She'll continue working for them in the spring on a part time basis and when she graduate's it will turn into a full time job."
"Oh, Jon, I know you're proud," Tina said with a smile. "You're only child is turning into quite the young woman."
"She's always going to be my little girl, isn't that right?" Jon asked. Ally began to smile and nodded.
"Of course, Dad," Ally glanced at Cris and caught his eye. He starred at her from across the table with a mystical look in his eyes.
"So when's the wedding?" Ally's Aunt Bev asked. Both Cris and Ally snapped from their gaze and looked towards her aunt, who as it seemed, was genuinely interested in the response.
"The wedding?" Ally asked.
"Yeah. I've never seen you bring a man home to meet the entire family, so it must be serious." Bev paused while Ally nodded. It was true. Cris was the first man that had ever met anyone in Cross family besides her parents. "So--when were you two thinking? Fall maybe? Or next Spring?" Bev continued. Ally was quiet. She had no idea how to respond. While she loved Cris, they couple had never openly discussed marriage.
"We haven't really set a date yet," Cris responded with ease. He glanced at Ally quickly, and then looked back at her aunt. "But I was thinking a small wedding."
"A small wedding?" Ally asked facing Cris.
"But you know Ally," Cris continued flawlessly, "She loves a big show. We might end up with four or five hundred people there." The family laughed, knowing Ally's flare for style and show.
"I had no idea you two were so serious," Regina asked, flustered by the sudden talks to a marriage. "But then again, my daughter always fails to reveal the details of her life."
"You know, babe, you really should let your mother in more." Cris gave a wink as he took a sip of his water. Nervous inside, Ally stood calmly.
"You guys don't mind if I talk to Cris for a second do you?" Before anyone could object, Ally had grabbed Cris' arm and pulled him away from the table. The couple ducked down the hallway and found solace in the front lobby of the restaurant. Leaning against the hostess stand, Cris began to grin wildly.
"Okay, Mister, what was that back there? We're getting married now?"

"Oh, you KNOW, we're going to get married." Cris said calmly.
"While the thought has crossed my mind, I didn't know we were at a point where we could tell my parents."
Cris shrugged calmly, a smile still embedded on his lips.
"Cris, come on! What was that back there?" Ally asked, still confused at Cris' tactics. Instead of speaking, Cris placed his hands on Ally's face and tilted her chin. Leaning in for a kiss, he parted her mouth gently and eased his tongue inside. As they kissed, Cris ran his hands down Ally's back and rested them underneath her skirt. Grabbing sections of flesh, he squeezed her thighs sending chills up her spine. When they finally parted, Ally was out of breath.
"Vegas." Cris said smoothly. Ally, still in shock, opened her eyes slowly.
"Let's go to Vegas."
"We can't go to-,"
"Technically, I'm still on vacation. I don't have to be back to work for five days."
"What are we going to do in Vegas?" Ally asked looking up. Cris smiled and leaned in again. Brushing his lips against Ally's face, her eyes shut instinctively. Instead of a kiss, Ally felt Cris' breath against her ear.
"Get married."
"Cris-we can't just go off and-,"
"Nobody would have to know until we were ready to tell them," Cris said grinning. He planted a kiss on Ally's lips, then moved south, planting kisses on her neck and shoulders. Letting her head roll back in ecstasy, Ally moaned.
Cris continued his kisses. Softly, he fell to his knees, and in the middle of the lobby, he raised Ally's tank top and planted kisses around her belly button. "We could find a chapel-," Cris suggested. He ceased speaking as he kissed her abdomen and gently nibbled on her skin. "We could stay at a Honeymoon suite-,"
"Shh--," Cris stood back on his feet and once again began kissing Ally's neck. When his lips finally reached hers he took a step back and starred into her eyes. "What do you say?"
Ally paused and shut her eyes. She tried to think rationally but all she could feel were Cris' kisses. She took a deep breath with the hopes of clearing her head. Instead, the scent of Cris' cologne raced into her head. 'Yes or No?' Ally thought. Feelings of love were clouding her mind so much, the only thing she could do was hope for a sign. Instantly the lyrics of the soft music playing in the restaurant's lobby provided the answer--

I wanna love you forever

And this is all I'm asking of you

Ten thousand lifetimes together

Is that so much for you to do

'Cause from the moment that I saw your face

And felt the fire of your sweet embrace

I swear I knew

I wanna love you forever

Ally opened her eyes to find Cris starring her in the face, a grin across his face and his eyes sparkling.
"Yes?" Cris asked. He ran his hands down Ally's sides and rested them on her waist.
"Yes. Let's get married. Let's go to Vegas."

Quickly, Cris grabbed Ally and raised her body into the air. The couple spun around the restaurant's lobby giggling, excitedly celebrating their impending nuptials.
"I love you, baby," Cris said happily.
The couple kissed for a few more minutes until a couple passing through the lobby disrupted their flow. Excitedly, Ally caressed Cris' face.
"So when are we gonna do this?" Ally asked. Cris batted his eyebrows in what was becoming his signature move.
"Sandy's watching Amy. Wanta go tonight?"
"Let's go right now."
"Even better." Ally and Cris ran into the restaurant and over to her family's table.
"Hey everyone," Ally started. She grabbed her jacket and handed Cris his. "We've got to run."

"It was really great meeting all of you. Thanks for everything," Cris said honestly. He slid his jacket over his shoulders then took hold of Ally's hand. "I had a good time."
"We loved meeting you too, Cris," Ally's Aunt Tina said with a smile.

"We have to do it again sometime." Regina added.
"Where are you two off to?" Jon asked. Ally faced her father and smiled.
"We've got to take a little trip."


As soon as they landed in Vegas, Ally rented a room at the MGM grand while Cris filled out the paperwork for a marriage license. After Ally changed clothes, the couple headed to the chapel. There, in front of an Elvis-impersonator priest, the couple said their vows. Ally in a white Gucci cocktail dress and matching Manolo Blahnik shoes stood next to Cris in Abercrombie and Fitch jeans and a white Ralph Lauren shirt. When the couple finished saying their 'I Do's', Cris raised Ally's petite body in the air and kissed her passionately.
"So, this is it, huh?" Ally asked softly as they walked out of the church. She glanced down at the sparkling platinum ring on her left hand, then back up to her new husband.
"Do you regret it?" Cris asked fearfully. "Cause this is Vegas? We can get an annulment. It'll take five minutes." He stopped walking and starred into Ally's eyes. When she didn't respond, Cris became frightened. He loved his girl and didn't want to lose her for anything in the world. Bending down, he placed his left hand over Ally's. Their matching rings sparkled in the Vegas lights as they stood still. Finally, Ally spoke.
"Do I regret it?" Cris nodded, his body shaking nervously. Slowly, a devious smile spread across Ally's beautiful face. "Hell No! I'm MARRIED!" Jumping into the air, Cris grabbed his wife and held onto her body protectively. The couple shared a deep kiss, their tongues massaging each other's with each passing second. After a minute, the cold, Nevada winds hit them sharply, ending their kiss and causing the couple to take a step back. "What do we do now?" Ally asked. Cris quietly brushed a strand of hair from Ally's face and titled his head.
"What else is there left to do?"
"Honeymoon suite." Ally batted her eyebrows and Cris began to laugh. Cris grabbed Ally's hand and began running, the couple laughing and giggling the entire way. As they neared the hotel, both Ally and Cris knew their lives would never be the same. They'd have many obstacles to overcome but they were happy and they had each other and that was good enough for them.