Nature's Secrets

The stars hold a secret,
A secret of mine,
A secret declaring,
Your eternal flame is keeping me alive.

The breeze brings a memory,
A simple song of old.
A whisper of happiness,
And of mysteries untold.

The flames tease me with wonders,
Of the unknown tales of the yonder.
The furtive of fire's many forms,
Of people dying or love forlorn.

The water keeps clandestine of magic all around,
Where people dare not venture,
Where rare things are found.

The waves hold on the fury,
Of those lives lost at sea.
The cries of those who lost someone
In the air forever shall be rung.

The land is alive with secrecy,
Wonders and wishes made secretly.
Though it is not fully disclosed yet,
One day, we shall find out nature's secrets.

A/N: I wrote this poem after another exam. I decided to use the topic of
finding oneself in a different approach. I settled on making it seem like a
quest, which I thought was a cool idea. My friends thought it was terrific;
I seem to think it's okay myself. What do you think? Please review! No
flames please!