Most of the world sees everything in black and white. They see and take everything at face value and don't bother to look deeper and see what there is to be seen. They then pick out the few things that they can call "normal" and then surround themselves with these manifestations, in a hope they will be safe from the rest of the true world and everything that threatens their "perfect world. But, what they don't know is that normal can be many things. The dictionary defines normal as "agreeing with a standard or norm; natural; usual; regular; average". This means that normal is very much in the eye of the beholder. What is normal for one person may not be anywhere normal for someone else. That ornamental necklace you wear on your date may be normal to you because you are accustomed to it, but to your date, it may seem a bit bold or even ugly. It is these manifestations of what we surround ourselves with that causes so much of the conflict within the world. They see what is normal to someone else and immediately decide that that is not right because it is not normal to them, so it must be changed. This is also the origin of conformists. Conformists are the people who change or hide what is normal to them, is order to gain social acceptance. It is rare for a conformist to reach their goal. Many go through their entire lives, striving to please the rest of the world. Sometimes they will get so close that they can feel the tips of their fingers scraping at the top, but just as soon as they get to this point, the rest of the world shoves them back down.