You may be wondering about the rest of the world by now. The rest of us see the world in it's true shadowed colored form. We see everything for what it is and not what it should be. We do not try to conform to what other people say we should be. We do not call ourselves by the names that the rest of the world have given us (ex. goths and punks) these are labels, given to us by the people that fear us. They fear our individuality, our black clothes, hair, and make-up. They hate our alternative clothing, out black trench-coats, fish-net shirts, and pants heavy with straps, buckles, and chains. We are more than labels. We are a species above the rest of the world. We are the demons that all of humanity has feared for thousands of years. We are the vampyres, the night stalkers, the demons, the hell-possessed. We are the ones that truly control the earth from below. We hide in the shadows until we are called upon to settle the problems of the earth. We are your peace-keepers, your damned, your allies, and your enemies. We are dark inside from our first breath of earthen air. We grow up as the outcast children, the ones who always sat alone at lunch and sat alone on the swings at recess, staring longingly at the other children, running their ugly spirals around us. We are the indigo children, a name given to us by social scientists, their way of explaining the other species that is us. We do not want to scratch our way to the surface as the conformists do. We live to hide in our shadowed holes, in our close-knit cafeteria and parking-lot groups. We reach out and bring in those that we see need our help. We are the mutants of the real world, the ones you rage your daily war against. We accept the differences of the world more willingly than the rest of the world. We are not just the dark ones. We are all outcasts that the rest of the world refuses to accept. We overcome all your taunts and put-downs. We will always overcome everything you throw at us. We are stronger than you, we outnumber you. We are in control. You just don;t know it...yet.