I was once a great flower of nature's splendour

Whose pale pink petals blossomed in spring-time

Delighting the eyes and souls of all living things

With a tangible beauty that inspired many hearts

In the soft, pallid lights of a shimmering dawn

I would awaken to the golden rays of sunlight

Delicately shaking off the glistening dewdrops

Which fell to the earth like shattering crystals

Then I arose and stretched my stiffened stems in anticipation

Of a new day which promised warmth, nurture and growth

My crown of green and pink creating a sparkling rainbow tower

As it intermingled with the heavenly red and gold of the sky

As I reached for the sun, I revealed the full extent of my glory

Feeling refreshed and joyous, I released my aromatic scent

Drawing in awed visitors, who watched me shine magnificently

And left reluctantly with many regretful glances and sighs

Throughout the rest of the day, I whispered quietly to friends

Together, we praised the sun, glowing brightly in the sky

Until at last, the world was stilled and shadows crept

And the wind sang me lullabies and caressed me to sleep

Now, those sweet carefree times are but a distant memory

Of innocent, youthful days happily spent bathing in light

For the sun is no longer a friend, but a malevolent enemy

Who no longer cares for the buds of beauty it helped create

Long we battled in the cruel hours of never-ending daylight

I dreaded the unbearable afternoons where I was scorched

By the relentless heat - once a gift, now a formidable weapon

And I wondered how I could have considered it a friend

The war intensified and it was all too clear who had won

For what had once been green and alive was now brown and dying

Even I was battered and bruised and could not support my head

Nor cry for the remnants of friends who scattered the ground

As the wind nursed my injuries, only the night offered relief

For while I recovered, the hurt was too great for me to sleep

But in the hours of darkness, I discovered a new friend

A gentle light who listened, and did not inflict more pain

Though I was weak and infuriating the sun, I endured each day

Only caring now about surviving to see my friend again

For I was comforted while agonising over all that was lost

And the scarred battlefields covered by shadow to ease the pain

But last night, I waited and waited and my friend did not appear

Neither tonight, and so all my hope has faded for I realise

It is over, since now even the wind is not comforting or soothing

But icy, and a coldness is slowly spreading through me

I was once a great flower of nature's splendour

But now am nothing more but a withered memory

Drooping alone to the littered ground to meet dead friends

Hoping that the earth has room still to reclaim another soul

The dreaded light approaches but I am cold and happy

For there is nothing left for the sun to burn anymore

No doubt, in winning, it will laugh harshly, victoriously

But let it, I am not resentful, for I too am victorious

Victorious in that, though all my valour and honour is now gone

Though all glory and splendour have now faded before death

Though nothing now admires me or is inspired by me anymore

Though pity is the only glance I now receive from others

I pity my murderer too, for while I return to the earth now

Ready to die peacefully among other withered memories

The sun blazes forever more in the remote sky that it rules

Alone, without any friends, for it has killed them all

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Another epic poem, hehe. I quite like them. Anyway, this was inspired by the saddening sight of a withered flower in my garden. That's summer in Australia for you. Please review. Greatly appreciated :)