I used to know someone,
I watched him every day,
His eyes showed only sadness,
Death drew him away.

He used to force a smile,
To come upon his lips,
When teasing words taunted him,
Even though he felt kicked.

He used to stop his eyes gleaming,
Stop the tears down his face,
Although his skin turned red,
He continued at the same pace.

He used to sit alone,
While we all talked and laughed,
I think he was happy listening,
But it was then his life halved.

One day some guys found him there,
They beat him black and blue,
While I just stood in the crowd,
Not knowing what to do,

I could see him breaking up,
Right in front of me,
His heart split in two,
He didn't want to be,

He stood up tall,
For the last time,
And looked at us all,
Square in the eye,

'So much pain you have caused me,
Too much grief and tears,
You have all taken my life,
It is you that should know fear.'

'Every day I come too school,
Hoping to see change,
But it shall never be,
Because of all your ways.'

With that he opened his bag.
And revealed a knife,
All I could hear,
Was his last words on my mind,

We looked into each others eyes,
And I wanted to reach out,
I wanted to heal his pain,
I could see what it was about,

But he closed his eyes,
And plunged it though,
His body hit the ground,
There was nothing I could do,

Silence took over,
We listened for his words,
But none ever came,
The silence of a 'nerd'.

By Siobhan
Date: 5 January 2004