I'm making a wish come true,
By saying how much I love you,

I'm making a dream reality,
By stopping my fragility,

I'm making sure of my self,
To love and hold and everything else,

I'm making progress with my life,
And even enjoying the little strife,

I'm making the find of the earth,
To show that there is still mirth,

I'm making my self known,
Rather than being all alone,

I'm making the tears retreat,
Make them known that they've been beat,

I'm making the poor rich,
By showing how to live,

I'm making my life real,
And enjoying every meal,

I'm realizing you only live once,
There's more to live that we know,
You've got to love it,
And make it shown.

By Siobhan Austen
Date: 5 January 2004