January 5th, 2004,

Dear Diary,

Self-esteem. It's a major problem in a lot of lives. I can't vouch for the male sex, but for us females, self-esteem is the biggest issue we struggle with. I know this because I am a girl that struggles very deeply with this issue. I am no expert, I am only seventeen, but I know what I feel and see. We watch the men around us as they stare at hot, young girls with all these perfect curves that make men melt. It wouldn't matter that the girl could be a shallow bitch, the point is she had a great body. A lot of girls have been shoved off or dumped for better looking girls, I being one of them. Don't get me wrong, there are some girls out there with great bodies, personalities and attitudes, like my best friend for example. The problem with these girls is that they don't realize they have the whole package. Like the rest of us girls, they are struggling with some sort of self-esteem issue. But why? It's not a hard question, with a very simple answer. We get compared, even if it's not intended, to hot actresses, singers, girls in porn magazines and so on. The majority of us don't have that kind of body, therefore, we feel we are a disappointment to the opposite sex. I know I feel that way when it comes to my boyfriend. He claims to love me, but why? I don't have a cute, perky chest. I don't have that great of a body, and I'm not particularly thin. Therefore, I feel that if and when he ever saw me naked, I would be nothing but a pure disappointment. I'm not part of a small quantity of girls that feel that way. Most of us spend an hour or more trying to make ourselves look good. This is not just for the pleasure of the opposite sex, but we are also trying to cure are own issues.

I'm pretty sure men go through something similar, but I am a teenage girl, presently experiencing these emotions.

Dear diary, let me poor my soul out to you, will you listen?

Love, Marie.