You look at me like I'm crazy,

like I'm some kind of freak,

but you can't place your finger to say if I'm a punk or a geek.

Infact I'm none of these things,

I don't think so anyway.

And if a person like me is allowed to say so,

I don't care what you say!

You can try all you want to place me in a group,

or shut me out from your crowd,

in reality my image is nothing.

Nothing mixed up by many things,

things you wouldn't understand.

Things that should be buried with me way down in the sand.

I guess the point I'm trying to make

is that it's okay to be weid,

it's okay to be a misfit without a single care.

I enjoy being me and you shouldn't change me.

I'm trying to be all that I can,

no one can stop me.

So what if people throw me long looks and shake their heads in disbelief.

I like my image,

I got it without being a thief.

I'm not your regular copycat,

I try my best to stand out,

I try my best to make people see,

that it is no point in life if you can't be you,

and I can't be me.

Your eyes may haunt,

your words does taunt,

but can't you free your mind and see

that this is exactly what I want!

It's okey to be weird.