The Formula

By:Andrew Troy Keller

At first,the only thing that Ashley Crosby was in her life was being nothing more than just an ordinary student at Baldwin Wallace College,where she was studying to become a criminologist.

But suddenly,her studies in criminology had became the least of her problems,for on Monday,January 5th,Ashley had decided to visit her best friend,Heather Doyle,who was working in the lab of Baldwin Wallace's resident mad scientist,Professor Richard Hornsby,whose experiments were centered on the weird and bizzare.

But as soon as she had walked into the lab,her eyes had grown as wide as saucers,for she had discovered that Heather has suddenly been transformed into a creature that was half human and half cheetah.

And just before she was able to get herself out of the lab and run to the Dean's office to report what she had seen,Professor Hornsby had grabbed Ashley and stuck a needle full of some strange liquid into her arm.

Just then,after he had released his grip on Ashley,Professor Hornsby had told her that both she and Heather should really be honored,for they were injected with a formula that melds the DNA of a human being with that of any member of the animal kingdom--and so far,Heather had became the first to be successfully transformed by the formula.

Then suddenly,a pair of wings had grown out of Ashley's back and caused Heather to pounce on her and clawed her into a bloody mess.