Erosa was a beautiful girl. Her blond hair cascaded off her shoulders like a waterfall. Her green eyes highlighted her golden complexion, and she had the physique of a goddess. Her name of course derived from the Greek for 'love', because any man that saw her wanted to love her, and any woman that saw her knew she wanted to be loved. Not only was she beautiful, but smart. Her wit and understanding of the world had got her through most of her painful upbringing. She was abducted from her home in Athens as a five year old, and her understanding of the Greek language stood still in her mind. With no schooling, over the years she became fluent in English, learning of the tongue he spoke. The nasty son of a bitch, that took her away from reality.
Acharistos was the man she hated with a passion. She gave him the name 'Acharistos', because it was Greek for unpleasant. Yet, he did not know the meaning. His real name was John Anderson, a wanted child abductor, from Minnesota. To her he was 'sir' or 'master'; to him she was a taste of ecstasy. Erosa was very afraid of him, although he never touched her in a sexual way, and she yearned for him not to. It wasn't too long ago that she was able to bear children. However, she knew that each day as she stared at the four walls in the attic of his home in London, it wouldn't be long that her maturing figure would soon have him aroused.
It wasn't hard being a 16 year old. It was hard not knowing your family, or not having any friends or boyfriends. It was hard that every time he came home from work, she had to rush upstairs lock herself in the attic and pretend nothing happened. It was hard knowing that if you escaped, you would be found again. London was too big to survive in, and the Brits couldn't care if a little Greek girl was kidnapped or not. This was the life for Erosa, locked away.

A knock came from the door. The clicking noise came from the keyhole and he walked in. His horrible face was there. He was very attractive, but not in a million years would Erosa fall for him.
"Hey sweetheart......", he greeted her with a kiss on the head. She smiled at him, faking it.
"I brought you something.", he told her, and her spirits were lifted slightly, at least it wasn't the usual taunts like, 'Guess what's for dinner? Bread and butter'.
He slowly pulled out a small brown paper bag. 'Tootsie's' was written on it. Erosa memorized the city since day one, the numerous brochures John bought. It's funny that such a thing others would throw out and take for granted, she memorized like the back of her hand. She knew that Tootsie's was a lingerie store in the heart of the city. She thought to herself, "Please, no."
Out of the paper bag he pulled a bra and matching underwear. "It's time you became a woman....", he said.
"What do you mean?", she asked politely, even though she knew the answer.
"Look. A bra....Big girls wear them.....You should too.", he said. She knew what it was. She just wanted to make him uncomfortable. Most of the days, when he left for work, she took the metal instrument she constructed to break the lock on the door. She would hurry downstairs, and read the newspaper he picked up. She would stroll outside at times, never taking the route he went to work. The Library was her favorite place to go, she always read and took home book At times he was good to her, she felt safer in his house than on the street. When he got home, she made sure she was in the house an hour before.
"And this?", she inquired.
"Well.....", he chocked. "They are underwear. Not regular underwear, something nicer, for me."
At this she hesitated. Was it time that he would take her innocence. It was the only reason she had never left, because he didn't touch her in a sexual manner.
"I am not wearing dis.", she told him. The lacy piece she held in her hand reminded her of something from a sci-fi book she read.
"You have to.", he commanded her. His voice got more aggressive, and Erosa rushed to her defense. She threw it on the floor and spat on it.
"You can't make me now!", she yelled. He got up and raised his fist. She fell to the ground with disbelief.
"Don't wear it then......", he said. "Don't expect any dinner either." He left in a fuss. His bark was definitely better than his bite. It was the first time he was going to hit her. She started to tear, and rolled in bed. The sun was slowly setting on the damp autumn day, she dug her head into the pillow, drying her eyes, and commenced reading Moby Dick.