~*~ Prologue ~*~

NEW YORK CITY, NY – KIRSTIN'S LOFT – JAN. 16TH, 2001 – Wednesday

Ashley and Kirstin couldn't keep their hands off of each other. They were kissing passionately as they carefully stepped up to Kirstin's bedroom. There, they stood up in front of the bed, still kissing passionately like any new couple would do. Things started to heat up. Kirstin unbuttoned Ashley's shirt and toss it on the floor. Ashley worked Kirstin's bra. When he was about to take off her top, his cell phone rang.

"Leave it." Ashley said through kisses. Kirstin didn't protest.

The phone rang until it stopped. Kirstin was taking Ashley's belt off when the phone started ringing again.

"Answer it." Kirstin said, pulling back from the kiss.

"I don't want to." Ashley grabbed her again, kissing her neck.

"No, please, Ash." Kirstin started to push him away kindly "Answer it."

"Ok." Ashley took the cell out of his pocket "Hello?" he answered in an angry tone "Why?" he said, pacing around the bed "What time? Great!" Ashley threw himself onto the bed "Ok. Bye."

"Who was that?" Kirstin sat beside him and stroke his fit stomach up and down.

"Mike." Ashley put both his arms over his face.

"What did he want?" Kirstin knew it wasn't something good.

"We're leaving tomorrow." Ashley couldn't face her. They just started dating again and now he already had to leave.

"Oh…" Kirstin didn't ask anything, but it was clear by her tone of voice that she was hurt. She stopped stroking Ashley's stomach and sat up. Ashley looked at her and sat up beside her.

"K, I'm so sorry."

"No, that's alright. I understand."

"No, it's not alright. We are just back together and now my work is already interfering with that. I didn't want it, but…"

"Ash, I know your work is totally important to you and I've already told you once that I never wanna come between you and your career. So that's ok. You go. I understand that's your job and now that we are together again I know the going away thing is part of it."

"K, I'm so glad to hear that." Ashley smiled at her.

"Yeah." she smiled too, but not as enthusiastic as Ashley.

"But we're only leaving tomorrow morning, so I can spend the night." Ashley did a devilish look.

"Good." Kirstin grinned and he got closer to her, kissing her hard on the lips. A while later, they were both lying in bed and Kirstin could feel Ashley's arousal "Ash, we better stop." Kirstin pushed him away and straighten up in bed.

"Why?" Ashley couldn't hide his disappointment.

"I really don't feel like doing it tonight." Kirstin got under the blanket.

"Why? What happened? It seemed like you were enjoying it."

"Ash, I don't really wanna do it or talk about it. Is that ok?"

"Yeah, ok." Ashley sounded hurt "But can I still sleep here?"

"Yeah, sure." Kirstin smiled weakly.

Ashley stripped down to his boxers and got under the blanket with Kirstin. She turned down the lights. Ashley watched sadly as she turned to her side of the bed, her back to him. He didn't say anything. She didn't say anything. She was really worried, though. 'Now that we are finally together, he's not gonna be here tomorrow? Why do I sense a déjà vu?'

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