Hello everyone!!

So, as I do at the end of each fanfiction of mine, here's a questionary I'd like you guys to answer. It doesnt matter if you read just a few chapters of my story, please, fill out what you feel like you can answer, alright?

I hope to get your answers soon! Send ith to my email

Thank you, and see ya!


1) Before you read "Life With Him", did you read "Life After That" or "Life After Him" or both of them?

2) If you read my entire trilogy, which story did you like the most? "Life Ater That", "Life After Him", "Life With Him"?

3) Did you like how I portrayed Ashley and the other O-Town members in "Life With Him"?

4) If you read all the trilogy, did you feel any difference in Kirstin's character from the first fic to the last?

5)Do you like Kirstin? What do you think about her?

5)What did you think of Tom?

6)What did you think of Grace?

7)What did you think of Kirstin and Grace relationship?

8)What about the other characters, like Kirstin's dad, mother, sister, Mark (Grace's boyfriend), Andy (Kirstin's boss)?

10)Do you have any special part that you liked the most? Like, a favorite chapter or quote or song, anything like that?

11)Do you have a favorite character?

12)From 0-10, how would you rate "Life After Him"?

13)Did you like the end of the trilogy? If not, what would you do differently?

14) I'm writing now an "The O.C." fic, which is called "Patience", and I don't know if you'd be interested in reading that. If you are, let me know and I'll send it to you. But you can also find it in my website

15) Would you like me to write another O-Town/Ashley fic? Would you read that?