Whee! More darkness and depression! My favorite!!


I can feel.


I can feel the sin
in my mouth, (taste it)
the sweetness with a bitter tang.
If there was a taste
to beckoning maidens with long
hair, it would taste similar to sin.

I can feel the hate
in my ears, (hear it)
a dull roaring,
to the ocean's dull throbbing.
And then a high pitch screech begins,
and I know that hate is near.

I can feel the danger
in my nostrils, (smell it)
the crisp acidity of it swarming around me.
It is like before it rains,
The scent of the
except that it is a deeper, more putrid aroma.

I can feel the desire
in my eyes (see it)
the dilation of the pupils,
more light, more lust.
It burns
behind my eyes, the fires
of passion invoked to the fullest.

And now,
I can feel the despair
everywhere inside of me. (it hurts)
Every part inside of me feels hollow
and useless, I am nothing.
But what it means is
that I can feel.