I'm sick of being battered
Of being thrashed
By your double-edged words
Your cruel, thoughtless words
You somehow manage
To cut me deeper than
The sharpest blade
On Earth
I never did anything to you
Just wore what I liked
And acted how I wanted to
I do not know
Why you hate me
Why I am so despicable
And unworthy of your respect
I am a person
Who thinks
Who feels
Who is confused
Just like you
I have my own struggles
And inner battles to fight
Without you adding to them
But I will take it no more
I will not calmly look away
Or hide in a book
I am no dog
Who runs with her tail
Between her legs
I will stand up
I will look you in the eyes
And I will fight
To prove that I deserve
To stay here
And live in peace