Chapter One: Angels vs. Angels

Miji looked at his reflection in the puddle. It's been eleven long years since he's been on that curb, not knowing who he was and where he came from. Where he met her. Where he met Yuriko. She'd died a year ago, when heaven was attacked. They were lovers. Miji's wings were covered by a trenchcoat and his silver hair. He laughed. His hair was now down to his thighs. Miji, hands in pockets, started down the wet concrete. It turned dark from the water. Graffiti covered the wall near him, as well as all the others. "You know, this place is getting infested with parasites." Sarah told him from behind. She, too, wore a trenchcoat. It was really the only thing that could cover their huge wings. The world was ran by parasites. Demons. No one was ever safe. Tomoe stood behind Sarah. Miji turned toward them and gave them a smile.

"That's why we're here, right? To stop them?" he said questionably. The two angels smiled, remaining silent. Miji, Sarah, and Tomoe took off their trenchcoats and spreaded their wings, going off as the sky cleared up.


Hokori bit her pencil's eraser, and tried to imagine what to draw, A sunset perhaps? A fairy? She looked out the window to think clearly. She saw three 'birds' flay from afar. "Mrs. Hayashi!" the science teacher cried angrily, "I know your a great artist, but you have a test. Hokori laughed and stood up. "Where do you think your going young lady. Hokori looked at him with dull eyes.

"Damn, you sound like my worthless mother." she snivled, runnig out the classroom door. The teacher frowned and rubbed his eyes. Hokori sat atop the roof, admiring the sunset. How she loathed her 'false' life. She wanted to kill herself, but was too afraid to die. She patted off her fuku and walked toward the rooftop door to the inside. She turned when she heard the sound of a pair of wings, and was surprised to see a leather wearing, black winged angel with a sword. She screamed and fell, feeling hot liquid roll down her arm. The black winged-angel licked his sword were her blood had touched it. She felt the sick feeling of death wrapped around this man.

"You," he said plainly, pointing his finger at her, "I have to kill you. They are searching for you. You are the one. The one with rich blood." Hokori didn't quite understand. Of course, why would she? A winged man with a sword is talking about killing her because she has rich blood.

"What do you mean?" Hokori stuttered slowly. He didn't listen to her. He pounced towards her with sword out, smiling. She covered her head. The sound of metal clashing made Hokori turn around. Miji, to her another man with wings, had a long sword draw, stopping the other sword in the air. Sarah came and swooped Hokori up, taking her away from the roof.

"NO!" Sarah cried as a red winged woman hit her, causing Hokori to plumit, and land in a grey winged angel's arms. He rose a dagger to Hokori, but Tomoe hit him from behind with her with a hard

"Thack!" Miji and the black winged angel fought i nmidair, bouncing around crazily, then connecting sword in midair. Hokori watched as Miji fought. Tomoe and Sarah were locked in a fiery net that made a oval above their heads. Miji and the black winged angel continued on.

"Dammit Yuroth! Stop it!" Miji cried angryily,

"Why, Kayo? Oh look." Yuroth pointed to the grey and red winged angels as they started Miji's way, "Looks like Miryo and Himya took care of your two friends." Miji gritted his teeth and hit Yuroth away. He suddenly felt a sting in his side, and Miji fell to the ground. He looked and saw an arrow, sticking from blood. Miji flinched as he sat up. Hokori backed up until she almost fell off the side. Her eye narrowed as Yuroth floated near her.

"Get the hell away you monster!" she cried.

Yuroth smiled sinisterly. He pointed his finger at her. "Die." A blast of energy flew out of his hand, and blew out the side of the roof. Hokori fell, watching the ground as she began to fall. She closed her eyes and felt death itself touch her skin. She suddenly felt herself float in the air, and someone's arms wrap around her. Miji floated down to the earth slowly, and they landed in a deserted alley. They both sat quietly as the three enemy angels looked around, then flew off.

"Hey! We did it!" Hokori cried happily. Miji didn't answer. "Mister?" she questioned. She shook Miji's shoulder. He didn't move. "Mister! What's wrong?" she felt warm liquid on her fingers when she put her hand down near him. When she looked at the liquid, she had realized, it was blood. "Oh no..." she said loudly, "Don't die hang on! Hey!" Miji opened his eyes, looked into worried eyes, and drifted into a unconsious state.