Chapter Fifteen: A Strange Newcomer

Upon the sound of the Rutani's name slipping off his tongue, Aaron reached into his hidden pocket to finger a stainless knife. He knew he had to watch it with this 'Rutani' fellow; the man was damned fast, and the younger angel knew he could never hit him without an exceptionally surprising attack. He could only wait, training an icy glare on the man before him. He wasn't too sure of the man's comings. His robes were mysterious and almost ancient, and the long, midnight black hair was orientally twisted into a clean braid. He almost looked like a cocky ghost, hovering amongst the navy starlight and looking undefeatable. Of course, looking undefeatable was far from being undefeatable, Aaron silently concluded.

Sarah, too, was brought at a curious outlook on the man. Yes, he was considered an enemy at the moment, but there was a strange mystic aura about him she'd never seen before. He was a mixture of Yuroth and Miji, a calm yet horrible presence looming on his shoulders like his good and bad - his conscience. Yet, he was his own, feminine softness that, it seemed, only the softest woman could possess. It was strange how a man could be so manly, so sharp-featured, and yet have an allure of a dancer, of a gracefully moving figure in the moon's flood of stars.

Miji was below the canopy, keeping close to Hokori and the ever-silent little girl. He wondered silently to himself what exactly possessed this man to attack. The girl was a new companion in their clutches, and the stranger came soon after, so was it possible the child-eyed wispy girl had a closeness to him whether good or bad? He looked down to the girl. She had no notice of him, watching above at the shadows of the leaves dancing against the painted blue background. She looked extremely grim and unhopeful.

Then, like a flash, Rutani darted through the air, against the wind with a reassured smile. Like he thought they were weak. Aaron gritted his teeth and took the man head on, knife pulled and fully exposed and gleaming. He was growing impatient, finding this Rutani annoying and threatening. The way the robed man seemed to chuckle under the penetrating blue eyes pissed him off, quite frankly. Rutani lifted his sleeved arms, flaps draping out and floating on the breeze.


Red and white flashed against Rutani's figure, drawing a line toward Aaron and bursting forward to strike him. Aaron growled a curse, flying straight up and avoiding a fatal collision with the magic cast to hit him. Aaron doubletook to see the bright aura fly into the distince, and suddenly realized the man had known high-class magic.

Sarah knew this, too. She lifted her wand to point toward Rutani, and chanted in a soft, almost wise mantra; however, she never finished. A figure bounced out from the sidelines - a woman's figure, clasping something large in her hands. Her face was encased in anger, revealed white teeth gritting while her blazing black irises glazred down the robed man.

"Rutani!" she screamed, her large weapon - a huge, rattling chain - whipped around above her head and flew toward Rutani.

He merely smirked, a look of calm assureness spreading along his eyes; he seemed ready for it, for he merely jumped up in his incredible speed and evaded. The woman fell back down, and landed on the top of the highest tree; Her casual village clothes were a strange contrast to the enemy's. Her arm was poised upward still and the chain dangled, swinging only a small way back and forth with little 'creak's.

"Fuse, what a surprise," Rutani directed at her. It was the first time Aaron heard that many words out of the mysterious opponent, and it was the first time he could truly try to read his voice. He sounded like a polite man, but the words were dripping with disappointment, like the man hadn't known this 'Fuse' woman would show up. It was obvious to him that the strange two knew eachother very well, even if the relationship was unreadable.

Miji glared at the swaying canvas, trying to figure out what was happening. The moon's helpful light was suddenly distorted by clouds, and there were nothing but darkly-etched sillouettes. His hands fisted ever-tighter on his sword, wondering bleakly on what he could possibly do for their offense. Hokori and the little girl where the number one priority on his list, and damn it all if she were hurt again because of his stupidity. It made him wonder why God had picked such a disfunctional bunch to protect the one to save everything.

Hokori came closer to the silver-haired man, eyes squinting in the darkness. "M...miji...?" she muttered, unsure of how she could possibly do anything. Her fingers were clasped delicately over the girl's shoulders to keep her in sight, and the girl was following her with curious - but upset - eyes. Unable to find very many words, Hokori asked quietly, "What's going on up there?"

Miji turned his gaze to see her from the corner of his eyes. Hokori was in awe at how much more visible his golden irises were to his skin, or hair. They had a certain shine all their own, one that she had never seen before. Then again, Sarah's eyes were similar; Aaron's weren't. His were dull and coppery, not that they weren't unique in their own way. The color blended strangely into his pupils, making his eyes look almost pupilless.

She was snapped out of his thoughts by Miji's softly spoken words.

"Aaron and Sarah are okay... a new comer - a woman - is up there now, though..." He couldn't tell what her role was; friend or foe, he wasn't sure. She seemed angry toward the mysterious man, but then again, this could possibly be a three-way fight. He bit his lip, and heard Rutani speak again in his strange, calm voice.

"Well, this was fun, but I've got to go." Rutani turned away, his back facing Aaron and Sarah (something Aaron would call foolish, had this man not have such quick movement). Aaron protested his leaving.

"Wait, tell us just who you are - are you an angel? Why attack? Is it Hokori? Or..." His mind wandered. "Is it the little girl?"

Rutani was quiet for a while, not bothering to face his opponent. "Maybe... just maybe..." he said, "What I am? I don't even know. But I do know that I hate you." Aaron's eyes widened at the man's hatered-filled face, and he shivered. "Expect another visit from me, angel." With inhuman speed, he dropped into the foliage, and escaped with the sound of faint rustling from his agile feet.

Aaron was pale, grim, at the man's words. The look on his face was one he could only truly associate to Devinal's. It was a longing, bloodthirsty look he could rarely even see on demons; this man was void of any joy, nor excitement. He was void of regret, fear, and love. This Rutani was filled to the top with longing hate. It was only then did the bronze-winged angel realize this, and it... it frightened him.

Sarah was bothered by the boy's face - his worried, scared face. She pursed her lips, the silence killingher. Aaron was not supposed to have that look on his face.Hewas never one to have that look on his face."Aaron, are you okay?" She hovered to his side, and he turned to her with a smile.

"Of course." His eyes narrowed, and he turned around. "Don't you dare try to just leave, lady!"

Indeed, 'Fuse' was trying to sneak away into the trees; she stopped, face drawn into a wince, and she could only chuckle nervously.

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