When my sister read P.S. Longer Letter Later three or four years ago she and I started writing this novel through letters. I wrote from Robin and Jake's perspectives and she wrote from Kaye and Kelly's. We didn't come up with a plot because we thought one would just develop but one didn't so if you guys can think of one let me know.

Hey Robin,

What's up? I miss you and everyone at camp. I wish I were still there. Remember the guys' screams when we hid by their windows and made those tapping noises? That ghost story you told at the campfire really scared them, it was hilarious! Anyway, my brother left for college. My parents are so busy trying to help him pack and swooning over him that it makes me sick. My sister Morgan (the one who's fifteen) doesn't care at all. She says she's glad because it means they'll forget about her grounding and she can sneak out to Brian's party (Brian's her newest boyfriend). I don't think I could ever sneak out. Well, maybe, if I was grounded for a really stupid reason and it was a really big event. Ok, back to the subject: The only person who is as attention-deprived as me is Anna, and she's just ten. And even she has this friend who lives across the street and they're with each other 24/7. My friends all live farther away, and I can't drive yet. It really stinks.

I can't believe school is starting in two days. I went shopping with my mom yesterday and got all these new clothes. I think I'm going to wear this black skirt and this red V-neck shirt that I got. The skirt was really expensive, and Mom made me pay for half of it.

When does your school start? Later, I hope, because two days is too soon. I have to admit, though, I'm a little excited. Eighth grade has got to be better than seventh. I don't think I told you about seventh grade at camp. It was the worst year ever, because I had really bad teachers. I better get good teachers this year. I got my schedule but I didn't recognize the names of any of the teachers on it, so I think most of them are new. They have a lot of new teachers this year, I think. I have to go now, I think we're going out for dinner. Write back soon! I miss you.