Hey Jake.

     I have three brothers. One is eleven, one is fifteen, and one is seventeen. Their names are Tyler, Austin, and Cory. Tyler is one of those people who thinks he is a "bad boy" but is a perfect little angel really. He always talks about doing bad stuff and then does good things instead. Austin really is a bad boy. He takes things as they come. Cory is like Mr. School Spirit. He'll probably be Prom King this year. The kids love him, the teachers love him, my parents love him. He's also a jock. He's pretty much perfect, a model student, you know.

     About my friends: Jenni is that super-sophisticated type. She thinks she's more mature than she really is, though. The guys don't know that. They love her. My friend Ashley is the wild child. I have pretty much a big group of friends, some of them are close and some are not. I like it that way.

Gotta go


PS That stinks, I hate lettuce.